SEMA Mentoring Program, Powered by SBN

SEMA SBN Mentoring ProgramThe mission of the SEMA Mentoring Program, Powered by SBN, is to provide confidential guidance and advice from dedicated, experienced members in order to cultivate the talents and attributes of future SEMA member leaders who will in turn continue growth of the automotive aftermarket.

The SEMA Mentoring Program offers a unique opportunity for SEMA members to provide support to one another. As an experienced industry leader, you have the opportunity to offer support, guidance and insight to other SEMA members based upon your unique industry experience as a mentor. As a mentee, you can tap into the wisdom and professional network of some of the brightest and most innovative industry leaders in an informal, personal and confidential setting. Whether you need a short or long term mentor, you will be matched with the mentor who best meets your needs to enhance your career in a confidential manner.

The SEMA Mentoring Program is meant to create structured and trusting relationships between SEMA mentors who offer their automotive industry experience, guidance and support to mentees interested in further developing their professional careers in the automotive industry.  This program is available to all SEMA-member company employees and is administered by the SEMA Businesswomen’s Network.

“I’ll Get By With A Little Help From My Friends”- Joe Cocker



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Want to participate, but are not a SEMA member? Join SEMA now and learn more about the SEMA Businesswomen's Network. Contact Nathan Ridnouer for more information.


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