Why PRO? PRO invites all companies active in vehicle accessorization to join the cause. The Professional Restylers Organization (PRO) is dedicated exclusively to addressing your needs and building awareness of the benefits of vehicle accessorization. In today’s ever-changing market, it is critical that companies involved in vehicle accessorization have a means to address and speak out through a unified voice in issues that influence and impact the restyling industry. PRO is that influential voice.

Colby McLaughlin - PRO Chair
PRO Chair
Colby McLaughlin
Council Director - Denise Waddingham - YEN | TORA | PRO
Council Director
Denise Waddingham

PRO Cup Challenge

The PRO Cup Challenge encourages customization of new-model vehicles and raises the awareness of vehicle accessorizing to the general public. It helps dealers to work with restylers to offer accessory packages, as a means for increasing sales and profits.

If selected, your vehicle will be displayed in a premier location at the 2023 SEMA Show and feature top restylers showcasing a package for a popular new-model vehicle that took less than 40 hours to execute and cost no more than $12,500. Packages are judged on their mass appeal, ease to replicate, and potential profitability.

The application period will re-open in June 2024.


Council Leaders

Year-Round Volunteer Opportunities Available for Council or Networks




SEMA members are invited and encouraged to increase their involvement and participation in the industry by volunteering for a leadership role. Volunteers are vital to shaping the industry and addressing issues or concerns. When you raise your hand to volunteer, you'll receive leadership development training and work with SEMA staff to build community within your market segment or group. Our volunteers create awareness with legislative leaders, identify challenges and develop solutions to strengthen the industry. Most of all, you will be contributing to and be a part of something bigger. Learn more today!

Join us as we upgrade this growing niche.

Mission Statement

The Professional Restylers Organization, a SEMA Council, is dedicated to addressing the challenges facing the restyling segment of the automotive aftermarket and to developing effective strategies for dealing with industry-specific issues.


About PRO

PRO invites all companies active in vehicle accessorization to join the cause. The benefits are priceless!

  • Dealer Awareness — The key to educating dealers about the benefits of vehicle accessorization and the vital role restylers play in ensuring the success of any dealership accessory program.
  • Networking Opportunities — The SEMA Show, the SEMA Spring Expo and the annual PRO Project-Planning Meeting are just a few of the venues that promote valuable networking.
  • Marketing Tools and Resources — Effective strategies and programs to help member companies improve their business practices and procedures. Includes seminars, special exhibits and project-vehicle activities; voluntary codes of recommended business practices for manufacturers, distributors, restylers and installers; dealer sales-training video, “Vehicle Accessorization: The Fast Track to Greater Profits”—and more.
  • Industry Recognition — Annual program honors worthy individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the restyling industry.

Better relations with vehicle dealers and automakers means better business for your company.

That’s why there is a forum within the Specialty Equipment Market Association dedicated exclusively to addressing your needs and building awareness of the benefits of vehicle accessorization: the Professional Restylers Organization (PRO), a SEMA council.

In today’s ever-changing market, it is critical that companies involved in vehicle accessorization have a means to address and speak out through a unified voice in issues that influence and impact the restyling industry. PRO is that influential voice.

PRO represents the collective interests of all SEMA-member companies serving the restyling and accessory market—be they manufacturers, warehouse distributors, manufacturers reps or restylers and installers. As a member company, you can work with PRO to build solid, mutually beneficial relationships with OEMs and new- and used-vehicle dealers, participate in ongoing efforts to elevate the level of professionalism throughout all sectors of the industry, enhance customer satisfaction, and have a voice on issues that impact the industry.

PRO is dedicated to ensuring the growth and prosperity of the restyling industry and your business. Through the exchange of ideas, and by becoming actively involved, you—and your company—can play a vital role in determining and shaping the future of the dynamic restyling industry.

PRO invites all members of the restyling industry to join in meeting these critical goals. To become active in PRO, your company must first be a SEMA member. Join SEMA now. PRO participation also includes an annual dues supplement, the proceeds of which are used to fund PRO-specific programs and projects ($150 for manufacturers/importers, $75 for WDs/reps, or $50 for restylers/installers/service providers). For more information, contact Denise Waddingham.


Council & Network Member Spotlight Library

Open to all council and network members, the spotlight program provides the opportunity for individuals in the industry to share their career successes and stories or nominate a colleague / company to share how they are contributing to the specialty-equipment market. If you are, or know a person who deserves to be recognized, you are invited and encouraged to submit an application by selecting the link within each group's section.


Council & Network Member Spotlight Library

PRO Vehicle Accessorization Flyer

PRO Vehicle Accessorization Flyer

PRO’s Vehicle Accessorization flyer is designed to help you educate dealers about the value of vehicle accessorization and the importance of working with a professional accessory provider. A free resource for PRO council members, the flyer is customizable so you can add your salespeople’s contact information, along with time- or brand-specific service promotions. Stand out from the crowd with this easy-to-read infographic. This double-sided PDF format allows you to print what you need, or distribute the information electronically.

PRO Sales Training Manual

Gain a Competitive Edge with PRO’s Sales Training Manual

The Professional Restylers Organization (PRO) has released the third edition of the “PRO Sales Training Manual,” a resource designed to help restylers, trimmers and accessory retailers build a more successful dealer-direct sales strategy. Many of the images in the new edition also got a refresh, and specific addendums include forms for dealership visits and structuring weekly sales calls.

PRO QC Checklist image

Get Your Copy of PRO’s NEW Quality Control Inspections Checklists

The Professional Restylers Organization (PRO) has released NEW Quality Control Checklists for Installers, Technicians, and Management. These checklists outline steps required to complete an installation process. These tools will help ensure all necessary tasks are completed with nothing overlooked and ensures all team members are on the same page regarding what needs to be done. PRO has created five Quality Control Checklists for installers and technicians: Drive Sheet, Electronics Inspection, Post-Leather Inspection, Pre-Installation Vehicle Inspection, and Sunroof Inspection.

PRO Select Committee

Colby McLaughlin, Chair
Trim Illusion, Inc.

Kevin Gillis, Chair-Elect
Integrity Customs

Josh Poulson, IPC
Auto Additions Inc.

Chelsea Allen
Crush Customs

Hannah Neal
Automotion Customs Inc.

Aron Demers
Voxx Electronics

Jay Ehret
Pickup Outfitters of Waco
Chris Fairless
Chris Fairless

Bill Garbrandt Jr.
MARS Nation Inc.

Steve Gilmore
Ford Motor Company

Chris Ierardi
Eastman Performance Films

Ron Leslie
Katzkin Leather, Inc.

Chuck Morrison
Truck'n America

Courtney Pahlke
Top Coverage LTD

Josh Ullrich
Restylers Aftermarket Specialist Inc.
PRO Member Logo

PRO Member Logo Download

Guidelines for Proper Usage of the SEMA Logo(s)

  • SEMA encourages PRO members to post the PRO Member logo on their company website and use it on company-related materials such as letterhead, catalogs, business cards and advertisements.
  • A PRO member may not use the PRO Logo to market a particular product, or affix the logo to a product or to product packaging.
  • The PRO Member logo may never be used by a PRO member as a "stand-alone"; the logo must clearly say "Member" exactly as it is placed shown to the left.
  • The PRO Member logo may not, under any circumstances, be distorted in its display; the logo must be vertically positioned as originally intended (not tweaked, turned upside down, etc.).
  • The PRO Member logo may not be printed in any other color(s) than the original red, black and white scheme. If red is unattainable, then all black is permissible.

 If you require a hi-res version of the logo, please email member@sema.org.