Why TORA? Members of the Truck and Off-Road Alliance (TORA) represent the collective interest of all its members through a single, powerful voice that can play a significant role in shaping the industry. They are joined together to form a potent coalition whose mission is to determine and shape the future of the off-road and truck accessory industry. TORA is a council whose member companies manufacture, distribute, sell and/or install accessories for off-road vehicles, light-duty pickup trucks, ATVs, or provide services to the off-road and truck accessory industry.

Troy Wirtz
TORA Chair
Troy Wirtz
Council Director - Denise Waddingham - YEN | TORA | PRO
SEMA Staff Liaison
Denise Waddingham
Council Director



The SEMA Truck & Off-Road Alliance’s (TORA) Feature Vehicle Program is a chance for TORA members to have their vehicles displayed in a highly desirable location at the SEMA Show.

As part of the SEMA Show Feature Vehicle Program, TORA’s program gives its council members the exclusive opportunity to apply for a premier spot located between West Hall and North Hall, dubbed the TORA Feature Vehicle Trail.

Submissions have closed for 2022. For more information, contact Denise Waddingham at deniselw@sema.org.

This program is exclusive to TORA member companies.

Mission Statement

To provide valued tools and events for retailers and manufacturers to plug into and grow their collective businesses.


About TORA

Throughout the decade and beyond, quality and service will be the hallmarks of successful businesses.

To serve, engage & unite the truck & off-road community through networking, education & outreach initiatives to provide value & help our members succeed.

TORA is a council of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA). If your company manufactures, distributes, sells and/or installs accessories for light-duty pickup trucks, vans and SUVs, or provides services to the light-truck accessory industry, TORA welcomes your participation and encourages you to join today. The benefits are priceless.

Powerful reasons to join TORA today:

  1. Representation of the collective interests of all members through a single, powerful voice that can play a significant role in shaping the industry.

  2. A forum for addressing the issues facing the light-truck accessory industry.

  3. Unlimited networking opportunities through council meetings, functions and special events.

  4. Dealer education in the form of workshops and seminars held throughout
    the year.

  5. Industry recognition at annual awards ceremonies.

  6. ...And much more!

How Do You Get Involved?

TORA invites all companies serving the light-truck accessory market to join in meeting these critical goals. To become active in TORA, your company must first be a SEMA member. Join SEMA now. TORA participation also includes an annual dues supplement, the proceeds of which are used to fund council-specific programs and activities ($50 for truck/car clubs, $100 for all other SEMA members). For more information, contact Denise Waddingham


Council & Network Member Spotlight Library

Open to all council and network members, the spotlight program provides the opportunity for individuals in the industry to share their career successes and stories or nominate a colleague / company to share how they are contributing to the specialty-equipment market. If you are, or know a person who deserves to be recognized, you are invited and encouraged to submit an application by selecting the link within each group's section.


Council & Network Member Spotlight Library

TORA Select Committee

Troy Wirtz, Chair
Dee Zee Inc.

Matt Reasoner, Chair-Elect
Roll N Lock

Erika Marquez, IPC
Warn Industries

Matt Caldwell
Tread Lightly!

Dawson D. Druesedow
4 Wheel Performance

Chris Fairless

Mike Hallmark
Hellwig Products

Jenna Jefferies
Chemical Guys

Wendy Miles
THE SHOP Magazine 

Andy Morgan
Keystone Automotive Opperations

John Rosanbalm

Randall Speir
RS Marqueting

Tara Thompson
Dixie 4 Wheel Drive / Red Dot Engineering

David Williams
Go Rhino/Big Country


TORA Member Logo Thumbnail

TORA Member Logo Download

Guidelines for Proper Usage of the SEMA Logo(s)

  1. SEMA encourages TORA members to post the TORA Member logo on their company website and use it on company-related materials such as letterhead, catalogs, business cards and advertisements.
  2. A TORA member may not use the TORA Logo to market a particular product, or affix the logo to a product or to product packaging.
  3. The TORA Member logo may never be used by a TORA member as a "stand-alone"; the logo must clearly say "Member" exactly as it is placed shown to the left.
  4. The TORA Member logo may not, under any circumstances, be distorted in its display; the logo must be vertically positioned as originally intended (not tweaked, turned upside down, etc.).
  5. The TORA Member logo may not be printed in any other color(s) than the original red, black and white scheme. If red is unattainable, then all black is permissible.

If you require a hi-res version of the logo, please email member@sema.org.