1) What services does the SEMA Garage offer my company?

  • Vehicle Technology Information
  • Installation Center
  • Scanning Services
  • Tech Transfer Data
  • Photo Studio
  • 3D Printing
  • Measuring Sessions
  • Emissions Lab
  • Meeting/Event Room

2) I'm not in California. Is the SEMA Garage the only facility that offers measuring sessions?

Ultimately, SEMA will host a measuring session anywhere the association can gain access to the desired vehicle. This may be at a member company, an OEM location, or most often, at the SEMA Garage. We also have tremendous resources available through our Tech Transfer program.

3) What is the Tech Transfer program?

Tech Transfer allows approved SEMA members to gain access to over 10,000 factory CAD files. Our library dates back to 1990 and spans OEM vehicle design data from Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Scion and Nissan. Additionally, if we don't have the files you're looking for, our SEMA Garage engineering staff can scan physical components and supply you with a range of file formats. The SEMA garage is also outfitted with a state-of-the-art Stratasys 450mc 3D printer. This service allows members affordable access to rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing for testing, fitment and even emissions certification purposes.

4) How do I find out about measuring sessions, at the SEMA Garage or other facilities?

The SEMA Garage has a dedicated list for those interested in measuring sessions. If you or someone from your company would like to be included in this list, simply contact Senior Director, OEM Relations Jim Moore or Senior Coordinator, SEMA Garage OEM Relations Rachael Salazar. All measuring sessions are promoted through SEMA eNews and weekly eBlasts. The SEMA Garage also has an Eventbrite page to make registration seamless. Each of these communication channels promote dates, locations, vehicle details and any known restrictions, such as no photography or other embargo details.

5) How does the SEMA Garage choose which vehicles will be available for measuring sessions?

SEMA tries to secure the most desirable new vehicles, but we're always looking for feedback. Members are encouraged to voice requests to Jim Moore or Rachael Salazar. That said, SEMA's primary targets are all-new and refreshed vehicles with the goal of allowing member access in the pre-production stage. In a perfect world, our member companies will have product fitments on the market when the first vehicles hit showroom floors.

6) What tools are available in the SEMA Garage?

The SEMA Garage is well equipped for projects ranging from simple maintenance to complete vehicle build and fabrication. That said, if you require any specialty tools, feel free to call ahead or bring your own. The entire SEMA Garage has a "studio-quality" environment allowing our members maximum flexibility to achieve their goals. From our full-vehicle photo cove, complete with professional lighting equipment, to our Installation Garage which seamlessly transitions from measuring sessions to installation videos, this facility is designed to help members bring more products to market, faster than ever, and at the highest quality possible. We even have a world class emissions lab certified by the California Air Resource Board that prioritizes member needs for emissions related testing and certification.

7) I have never been to the SEMA Garage. How will I know where everything is?

You are welcome to come in before your measuring sessions, or take a tour at the time of your session. Just ask and the Garage staff would love to show you around.

8) How long do measuring sessions typically last?

SEMA endeavors to secure vehicles for as long as the OE will allow. Typically, that's anywhere from one day to one week. In some instances, SEMA will be able to secure a vehicle for longer. SEMA also has a few domestic and foreign vehicles in the Garage permanently. These vehicles include a 2015 Mustang EcoBoost, a 2015 Camaro SS, a 2013 Ford Ranger T6 (foreign market), a 2014 Mitsubishi L200 (foreign vehicle) and a 2014 UAZ Hunter (foreign vehicle). The Garage also anticipates the future arrival of a 2016 Toyota Hilux. These vehicles are available for members who wish to develop products for foreign and domestic markets. Contact Rachael Salazar to set up a measuring session for any of these vehicles.

9) Are my sessions private, or will other members be in the Garage at the same time?

Generally, measuring sessions are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Everyone is patient and works together. This is especially true when vehicles are only available for a short time. When vehicles are available for a longer period, SEMA is happy to schedule private sessions based upon your needs. The permanent vehicles can also be transported to your company for more comprehensive measuring and test fitting.

10) How do I sign up to use the SEMA Garage benefits?

Contact SEMA and request to be added to the contact list, or visit the SEMA Garage website for updates.

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