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Register Now: Upcoming Events From SEMA Virtual Education

By Ashley Reyes

Virtual EducationRegister now for the following upcoming live webinars and stay tuned to SEMA eNews as additional sessions are announced throughout the year. For a comprehensive library of upcoming live and on-demand sessions that members can access anytime, visit

Tuesday, July 27 – Effectively Managing Conflict
Series: Sharpen Your Soft Skills, Powered by SBN
Track: Industry Segments, Powered by SEMA Councils and Networks

Knowing how to manage conflict can save a team from unnecessary work disruptions, decreased productivity, project failure and even termination. During this webinar presented by the SEMA Businesswomen’s Network (SBN), employees and managers will learn common methods for how to manage challenging situations, whether it be manager to employee, employee to employee, manager to manager or manager, to supervisor.

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Newly Added: Tuesday, July 27 – ETTN Live Chat Featuring David Goch
Track: Industry Talks  

The automotive aftermarket is impacted by countless political and environmental policies. Tune into this live chat presented by the SEMA Emerging Trends & Technology Network to get information that will help manufacturers understand current emissions testing and policies, where the future is headed, and how aftermarket companies can adapt their products to be compliant.

Location: ETTN Facebook page

Newly Added: Wednesday, August 11 – Pricing Policies 101: The Truth About Pricing Policies
Series: Pricing Policies Webinar Series

During this live webinar, manufacturers and sole-exclusive distributors will learn the basics of pricing policies and why it’s important to consider one to avoid price erosion in the marketplace. Rich Barsamian of Advanced Clutch Technology will share what he has learned from more than 10 years of experience, writing, implementing and executing pricing policies in the automotive aftermarket and participate in a live Q&A with session attendees.

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Newly Added: Wednesday, August 18 – Pricing Policies 201: Implementing a Pricing Policy That Works
Series: Pricing Policies Webinar Series

Learn the step-by-step approach to understanding the key ingredients of a successful pricing policy. During this live webinar, attendees will learn what the most effective pricing policy is, what to do when your biggest customer breaks the policy, and how a pricing policy increases sales.

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Newly Added: Wednesday, August 25 – Pricing Policies 301: Why Isn’t My Pricing Policy Working?
Series: Pricing Policies Webinar Series

If you’ve launched a pricing policy and have not yet seen the benefits—stick with it and you will. This live webinar will help members understand the most common reasons why a pricing policy isn’t moving the needle. You will learn how long it takes to see results, why only some resellers follow a pricing policy, and what the top KPI’s that measure a successful pricing policy are.

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