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Register Now: New SEMA Webinar on EVSE Infrastructure, Components and Software Integration

By Ashley Reyes


SEMA Education is offering a new webinar to help current and upcoming automotive aftermarket professionals understand the infrastructure surrounding the electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) industry. Secure your spot for the webinar here!

Presented by SkillFusion, the webinar "EVSE Infrastructure" on Friday, July 16, at 10:00 a.m. PDT will explore EVSE hardware, software and the intricacies of installation, operation and maintenance. Attendees will hear from Dave Packard, SkillFusion chief strategy officer; Enid Joffe, SkillFusion electrification specialist; and Britta Gross, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) director of transportation, as they dive into the following topics aimed at providing participants with a holistic view of the infrastructure that supports EV charging:

  • Technical Components of EVSE Systems: Learn about the hardware elements that constitute EVSE, from charging stations to power distribution units.
  • Software Integration: Grow your understanding of the role of software in EVSE infrastructure, including charging station management, data analytics and user interfaces.
  • Installation Best Practices: Discover guidelines and best practices for the effective and safe installation of EVSE systems, considering factors such as location, power requirements and accessibility.
  • Operational Considerations: Examine the day-to-day operations of EVSE infrastructure, including user interaction, payment systems and data monitoring.
  • Maintenance Protocols: Gain insight into maintenance procedures for ensuring the reliability and longevity of EVSE systems, covering routine checks, troubleshooting and repairs.

As charger reliability and uptime play a significant role in the electric vehicle (EV) owner experience, participating in the webinar presents an excellent opportunity to engage with qualified EVSE experts and stay ahead of emerging opportunities. Secure your spot for the webinar here!