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Alaska—Internal Combustion Engine: Alaska has introduced SEMA-supported legislation to protect consumers’ choice of vehicle powerplants and fuel by preventing a state agency, county or city from limiting access to certain power sources. Under current law, new gas- and diesel-powered vehicle sales may be threatened if narrow energy policies are adopted.

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California Senator Anthony Portantino introduced SEMA-sponsored legislation to create a financial rebate program for converting gas- and diesel-powered motor vehicles into zero-emissions vehicles (ZEVs).
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Lawmakers in Virginia introduced SEMA-supported legislation to repeal the law tying the state to California’s motor vehicle emissions standards. Under current law, sales of new gas- and diesel-powered vehicles will be banned starting in 2035. Virginia is seen as the most likely state to repeal its mandate and Governor Glenn Youngkin has made it one of his top priorities. However, control of the legislature is narrowly split between Republicans and Democrats, making the final outcome hard to predict.
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