SEMA News—December 2019


By Juan Torres

The primary focus of SEMA’s dedicated market research department is to develop reports throughout the year that provide insights on the automotive aftermarket industry and consumers. From its annual “SEMA Market Report,” which provides an overview on the state of the U.S. specialty-equipment market, to the monthly “Industry Indicators Report” and the “Modern Muscle Car Accessorizer Report,” the market research department’s work helps industry members stay informed and make better business decisions. The articles below mention some of the data highlighted in these reports.


When SEMA released its “Modern Muscle Car Accessorizer Report,” the PASMAG staff reported on some of its findings, including that 44% of modern musclecar owners have accessorized their cars, 76% of these owners are always looking for their next modification, and 75% of upgrade parts are bought in-store.




Author Joe Witt used the annual SEMA “Market Research Report” to show readers how knowing your buyer is very important in sales. He stated that a sales pitch for non-enthusiasts would be different from one used on enthusiasts when it comes to selling accessories.


Street TrucksStreet Trucks

Chris Hamilton was among the journalists who quickly informed readers about SEMA’s “Young Accessorizers Report,” which provides details on how 16–24-year-olds drive, accessorize their vehicles, shop for accessories, where they buy, and how they modify their cars.



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