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Help Guide the Automotive Aftermarket Into the Future

By Ashley Reyes

SEMA councils and networks host a variety of programs and activities for different market segments in the industry. The programs are guided by industry experts and leaders who volunteer their knowledge and time to ensure there is tremendous value and impact for members and the industry.


L–R: Todd Steen (WTC Chair), Mike Lusso (WTC Chair Elect) and Tyson Boyer (WTC Immediate past chair).

Applications are now available at for a seat on a council or network select committee, which are small groups of volunteers who guide the council or network they represent. Each select committee meets throughout the year to develop programs, events, education opportunities and other resources that will be of value to its council or network membership.

In addition to sharing expertise with the industry, volunteers find that being on a select committee is a meaningful opportunity to contribute and to be a part of something bigger.

Sara Morosan of LGE-CTS Motorsports, who was named 2021 SEMA Person of the Year, has been volunteering for SEMA committees and councils for the last 10 years. She saw the value and difference that she was making for the industry and felt it was important to give back.

“The connection and friends that I have met by volunteering is one of the best rewards I have received from my volunteer time,” said Morosan. “I have a whole network of other people in the industry that I can now reach out to for help, support and mentorship that I would have never received otherwise. I have grown as a person, a leader and my business has grown as well from learning more than I would have if I never decided to step outside the bubble. I encourage everyone to volunteer at some level that want to help make a difference.”

Bryan Aldridge of The Right Stuff Detailing, who is a select committee volunteer for the Automotive Restoration Market Organization (ARMO), says, “I reach out to SEMA members who may be interested in joining ARMO, but most of my time is reaching out to existing ARMO companies—hoping they spread the word to friends and get everything out of ARMO/SEMA that they can. It’s rewarding work that when things are crazy in regular life can be pushed back a week if need be, but most of the time it’s a pleasant distraction. You also have a team around you with similar goals, and they are always there to help.”


The SBN select committee.

Mike Lusso of Hennessey Industries and chair-elect of the SEMA Wheel & Tire Council (WTC) also commented on his experience: “Being part of SEMA has given me a different perspective on the industry. This has also allowed me to work closely with peers and customers in solving industry needs and supporting educational efforts. The networking with my customers and peers is rewarding knowing that we have a council or voice that will support the industry for many years.”

The ideal candidate will be able to commit 5-10 volunteer hours per month, have strong strategic planning skills, significant aftermarket knowledge and a passion for giving back to the industry. Apply to volunteer, or recommend someone who’s expertise would help elevate the industry by April 22 at

If you are interested in volunteering at a different level, or on a subcommittee or task force for a council or network, please contact Council Director Denise Waddingham at for more information.