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SEMA Council & Committee News: MRC Rep Conference Moves to Vegas

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MRC Rep Conference Coming to Vegas!!

The 9th annual MRC Rep Conference moves to Las Vegas at the 2010 SEMA Show. Bryan Shirley, President and CEO of the Manufacturers’ Agents National Association will host an open and interactive session titled is “Survival of the Fittest! Is that You?” The Economy has Redefined the New Automotive Aftermarket…Now it’s Time to Redefine Yourself!

The MRC Rep Conference will convene at the Las Vegas Hilton on Sunday, October 31, 2010, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The early-bird price for SEMA members is $49 ($69 for non-members). Online event registration is now available! For additional information, contact SEMA Council Liaison Staci Bostock at 909/978-6693, or

MRC Names Chris Fairless New Chair-Elect

The MRC Select Committee has named Chris Fairless of Fairless Sales & Marketing to the position of chair-elect. Fairless is a current MRC Select Committee member and will take over duties as chair-elect on July 1. Fairless stated, “I’m honored to be selected as MRC’s chair-elect. I’m looking forward to the future challenges and the opportunities. I’m excited to be involved with SEMA and MRC and hope to inspire more people in our industry to get involved. There are great opportunities ahead!” When Fairless assumes chair-elect duties on July 1, current chair-clect Wade Cobb of HAPCO will become chairman of MRC, when Joel Rosenthal’s two-year term as MRC chairman ends. At that time, Rosenthal will assume his new role as the MRC immediate past chairman/advisor.

2010 MRC Long-Range Planning Meeting at PWA

MRC will be conducting its annual Long-Range Planning meeting in conjunction with the Performance Warehouse Association (PWA) Conference. All reps are welcome and encouraged to participate in this open forum and address issues faced daily by reps in all segments of the automotive industry. Bring your ideas and suggestions to raise the bar for all manufacturers' reps.

For us to be able to accommodate attendees with food and beverage, we ask that you take a moment and contact Staci Bostock at 909/396-0289 ext. 104 or e-mail

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For information about MRC, contact Staci Bostock.

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ARMO New Products Showcase Registration Is Now Online

ARMO-member companies may now submit product registrations for the 2010 ARMO New Products Showcase. Registration is now available online.

The 13th annual ARMO New Products Showcase will once again be held at Spring Carlisle in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Wednesday–Sunday, April 21–25. The showcase continues to grow every year, with a record number of product entries in 2009. More than 100,000 automotive hobbyists attend Spring Carlisle each year, and the ARMO Showcase Tent is located at the very center of the show in a prime position, guaranteeing your products will be seen. This is a fantastic opportunity for ARMO-member companies to put their new products in front of one of the largest annual gatherings of restoration enthusiasts in the country. Participation is open to all ARMO-member companies, and it’s FREE!

There is no judging of entries in the showcase. The focus of the event is to showcase the products to generate publicity, inquires and sales leads. All entries will be photographed at Spring Carlisle, and the photos, product descriptions and company names will be displayed in the ARMO booth at the 2010 SEMA Show.

ARMO New Products Showcase Criteria

All products submitted must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be the product of an ARMO member-company.
  • Must be a new product or improved design since March 2009.
  • Product must be available for sale (market-ready) by the opening of the showcase, April 21.
  • Must demonstrate unique/innovative technology and/or be a benefit to the restoration industry.


  • Complete one entry form per product.
  • Product entry forms must be completely filled out and submitted to SEMA by Wednesday, April 14, 2010. Some of the information will be used to create signage for the product at the Spring Carlisle Showcase and to accompany the photos in the ARMO booth at the 2010 SEMA Show. ARMO will guarantee acceptance of FOUR product entries per company. Any additional entries will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Companies are urged to include marketing materials (sales literature, flyers or brochures) with the product. These materials will be made available to hobbyists who ask for more information and/or want to contact the manufacturer to find out where they can buy the product.

Delivery of product(s)

  • Product(s) may be pre-shipped for arrival no later than Friday, April 16, 2010 to:

    Carlisle Events
    Attention: ARMO New Products Showcase – Jim Vinarski
    1000 Bryn Mawr Rd., Carlisle, PA 17013


Product(s) may be hand-delivered to the Showcase, Wednesday April 21.

Product(s) may be removed after 1:00 p.m., Sunday April 25.


Companies can pre-arrange for return shipping by completing the “return shipment information” on the entry form.

ARMO Select Committee Elects Alex Tainsh as Chair-Elect

Alex Tainsh is a founding member of ARMO and has been an active member for 12 years. His accomplishments begin with a combined 16-year stint at P.U.I and Soffseal, and he is currently the sales and marketing manager for TrimParts.

Throughout his many years with ARMO, he has worked passionately to promote the "Take a Kid to a Car Show" program and, most notably, headed up the Colton Camaro project. When asked about future projects, Tainsh reiterated the importance of young enthusiasts and the preservation of the restoration market.

As Tainsh begins his two-year term as chair-elect, Laura Bergan will assume chairwoman duties July 1.

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For more information about ARMO, contact Jim Skelly.

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2010 HRIA Education Day a Huge Success

Working in conjunction with the 12th Annual Hotrod & Restoration trade show in Indianapolis, HRIA-member companies are provided a platform to educate and train dealers on the specifics of their products and key selling points. Dealers are better at selling products they're more knowledgeable and comfortable with, resulting in higher sales and less returns.

This year’s Education Day boasted 40 seminars which were attended in record numbers. With more than 4,000 pre-registered for the event, it quickly sold out, creating a buzz within the industry. HRIA Education Day did not fail to deliver. The manufacturers represented a broad spectrum of industry experts and covered diverse and tangible subject matter. Manufacturers included GM, Meguiar’s, Flaming River Industries, Steele Rubber Products, Vintage Air Inc., and Classic Instruments. The all-day event included a hosted breakfast and attendees received a certificate of completion for each seminar they participated in.

As a SEMA council, HRIA is committed to the betterment of its members and promoting the industry as a whole. Events such as Education Day are made possible because passionate individuals volunteer their time and resources. An active and strong membership is critical in assuring that important initiatives such as education, youth awareness, and legislative issues are addressed and directed accordingly.

For more questions on Education Day or to get involved with HRIA, please contact Zane Clark at

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Vic Wood
The MPMC Select Committee voted Vic Wood of Hedman Performance Group as its new Chair-Elect of the council.

MPMC Select Committee Chooses Vic Wood as New Chair-Elect

The MPMC Select Committee voted Vic Wood of Hedman Performance Group the newest chair-elect of the council. Vic has spent the majority of his career in or around the specialty-parts industry, including appointments to the board of directors of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association and the Australian National Drag Racing Association.

He started drag racing at 16, and drove all types of vehicles through 2004, when he clocked 234 mph in a modified roadster at Bonneville.

When not working, Vic is busy with his '64 Chevrolet pickup, and crew chiefs a nostalgia funny car that competes in the NHRA Heritage Series.

“It is a great honor to be elected Chair Elect of MPMC,” said Wood. “SEMA has been a part of my life in some form or another for nearly 30 years. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to serve the members of this historic SEMA Council, and I look forward to supporting our current Chairman over the next two years as we address challenges of our market sector.”

Take a Friend to a Race Fan Page

The MPMC Motorsports Awareness campaign, highlighted by the Take a Friend to a Race program, now has its very own Fanpage on Facebook. If you’re not a fan yet, you should be!

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For information about MPMC, contact Jim Skelly.

Technical Skills & Training Conference

TSTC Postcard

The Technical Skills & Training Conference (TSTC)—Friday, April 30, 2010, at the University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH) in Lima, Ohio—offers 12 seminars/workshops to help sharpen the skills of accessory installers. The program features one-hour sessions (with two classes running concurrently throughout the day) offered by companies, such as Webasto, Katzkin, Audiovox, Restyler’s Choice, Eagle Enterprises and more.

The sessions cover the following tracks:

  • Leather
  • Sunroofs
  • 12-Volt
  • Truck Accessories
  • Towing and Suspension
  • Diesel Performance
  • Self-Adhesive
  • ASE/A6 Electrical

The event also includes a “bullpen” area offering hands-on experience, in addition to classroom training. Cost to attend is $25 for the first attendee from each company, $15 for each additional person. The price includes a catered breakfast, lunch and evening reception; admission to the PRO council General Membership Meeting (learn about PRO, what it's doing for the industry and how to get involved); and entrance to the PRO Long Range Planning meeting (for PRO members, Saturday, May 1).

Don’t wait until the event is full—click here to sign up! For more information, visit

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Share Your Ideas With Other Restyling Professionals

Join the PRO at the annual PRO Long-Range Planning meeting, and help shape the future of the Restyling Industry. The meeting will be conducted at the University of Northwestern Ohio in Lima, Ohio, on Saturday, May 1.

“For several years this was a standalone meeting held in mid-June in Detroit”, said PRO chairman Karl Stearns. “With everyone on a lean budget this year, we decided to host it in conjunction with the Technical Skills & Training Conference (TSTC). This way, attendees may combine two trips into one.”

The one-day meeting will begin at 8:00 a.m. with a general discussion of restyling and PRO council issues. Breakout groups will meet separately to discuss specific topics from the general discussion and then reconvene after lunch to present their summaries to the group.

“The date and location has changed, but the format stays the same,” said Stearns. “The breakout groups are an effective way to get fresh ideas from council members, and virtually all of PRO’s successes originated at an LRP. Last year’s LRP alone produced the highly successful PRO NovemberFest awards reception at the 2009 SEMA Show, the “Why PRO?” informational business card and the TSTC. I urge all PRO members to attend. You have ideas and we want to hear them!”

A continental breakfast and lunch will be provided.

There is no better opportunity to share ideas and plan for solutions than at the PRO Long-Range Planning meeting. If you have not made your reservations, RSVP to Zane Clark at, 909/396-0289, ext. 134, or

PRO Column in SEMA Member News

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For information about PRO, contact Zane Clark.


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Discover the SEMA Mentoring Program—Powered by the SBN

“I’ll get by with a little help from my friends…” - Joe Cocker

Everyone needs help or expert advice from time to time, and SEMA’s Mentoring Program is an excellent resource to get answers to all your questions. Whether you need to know more about SEMA, market information for a start-up company or advice on how to approach your boss about a new position, the SEMA Mentoring Program can help.

“Ask A Mentor” is perfect for one-time questions. You can expect multiple SEMA mentors to provide online guidance and answers to your industry-related questions.

Short-term Assistance/Guidance is for help with a specific project or task. A SEMA council/committee mentor with the expertise you seek will be paired up with you to provide guidance with your project.

Long-term Relationship is helpful for developing your professional career. In this program segment you will be paired with a SEMA council/committee mentor who will provide guidance and assistance for ongoing career development or a long-term project.

So whether you just need an answer to a question or you want to cultivate a mentoring friendship, the SEMA Mentoring Program—Powered by the SBN is available to help. After all, we can all use a little help from our friends.

Visit the SEMA Mentoring Program now.

SBN Column in SEMA Member News

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For information about SBN, contact Kim Desai.

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The following is a message from SPC Chairman Tracie Nuñez:

Have you ever wondered what exactly do the council leaders do throughout their term? Very simply, the Select Committee is elected by the members of the council to serve a two-year term.

Each Select Committee member volunteers for at least 20 hours throughout the year and some volunteer even more. Each Select Committee member is supported by their company in their Street Performance Council (SPC) efforts, and for that we say, “thank you!"

The leaders of the SPC gathered together earlier this year at SEMA headquarters in Diamond Bar, California. This meeting focused on bringing value to the SPC-member companies and utilizing SEMA’s resources to further benefit each SPC member. Guiding the group’s effort was the council’s mission statement “to provide market information, education and support to members concerning new and emerging trends.”

If you are passionate and have interest in being involved, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer for a task force with a limited investment of time. Please reach out to the task force chair if you want to participate or have comments.

Membership Task Force
Ed “Blake” Burgy from Mr. Gasket chairs this task force and can be reached at The importance of knowing our members and what industry challenges each member has is very important. The SPC membership task force is responsible for communicating directly with our members, keeping them up to date on SPC happenings and making sure that we are meeting their needs.

Communications Task Force
Baadal “Bottle” Deliwala from Titan Motorsports chairs this group and can be reached at Regular submissions to SEMA Member News and eNews will contain relevant street performance market information written or researched by the SPC council membership. If you want to contribute your ideas, drop an e-mail to Bottle. Better yet, draft an article on a topic pertinent to the mission and focus of the council and we’ll see that it gets published with your byline.

Research Task Force
Albert Reda from Vibrant Performance chairs this group and can be reached at Several key factors are changing significantly due to the economy: consumer buying habits, distribution channels and vehicles. The council has hosted several focus panels in the past with jobbers and consumers answering questions about current trends. The data is compiled and distributed to members, illustrating the differences between what is perceived as current buying trends and what is actually happening.

RASR (Racer’s Against Street Racing) Task Force
Regis Finn at B&M Racing and Performance Parts chairs the groups and can be reached at RASR is an SPC initiative that exists to provide leadership and support to promote the anti-street racing message. We need plenty of industry support and passion to reignite this message to our local communities.

Technology Task Force
Gigi Ho at Digital Performance chairs this group and can be reached at The Business Technology Symposium has been successfully developed and hosted by the SPC for the last three years as the Internet Symposium. The 2010 SPC Business Technology Symposium will be held on July 23, in Pasadena, California, as part of the 2010 SEMA Leadership Days with some very exciting educational sessions. The group will also define and develop relevant educational webinars and articles to help our members take advantage of new opportunities.

There are many other things the council leadership does throughout the year: host the annual SPC Mixer at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, present industry awards to our street-performance colleagues and elect council leadership. You are the expert at what your business needs, and this council wants to deliver. Feel free to get in touch with us or come to one of our SPC events. My hope is that if you haven’t been a part of SPC yet, you will be in 2010.

Find the Business Possibilities Through the SPC

Participate in the automotive aftermarket at a whole new level by joining the SPC.

The purpose of SEMA councils is to help our member companies succeed and prosper. In the SPC, our mission is to provide market information, education and support to our members concerning new and emerging trends. Whether it’s the latest business technology, forecasting sales, future marketing solutions or up and coming vehicle platforms, we give you and your company the chance to see what’s on the horizon.

Then we’ll help you understand and acquire the skills, tools and technologies to lead the way. The SPC has the most diverse membership of any SEMA council, and that will allow you to network with other professionals from every facet of our industry and gain insights into areas you may not have previously considered. Find out about the parts, people, technologies, strategies, trends and, most important, possibilities.

This is your chance to give something back to the industry, your profession and to grow personally along the way. Join the SPC today and become an active member of the specialty equipment and automotive market — Tracie Nuñez, Advanced Clutch Technology, SPC Chairman

SPC Column in SEMA Member News

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For information about SPC, contact Kim Desai.


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TIA's Roy Littlefield Joins WTC Select Committee

In an effort aimed at increasing communication between SEMA and the Tire Industry Association (TIA), the Wheel and Tire Council (WTC) extended an invitation to TIA to participate in the council’s Long Range Planning meeting, March 17 at SEMA headquarters in Diamond Bar, California.

The open dialogue between the two culminated in WTC’s appointment of TIA’s Executive Vice President Roy Littlefield to a voting seat on the council’s Select Committee. This move greatly improves the interaction between SEMA and TIA, while providing both memberships with a much desired forum in which to express their concerns and suggestions.

“The appointment of Roy Littlefield was unanimous and came after an honest exchange between the parties in which common goals and directives outweighed any differences," said WTC Chairman Tim Dietz. "TIA’s council participation signifies an important shift in how we will address the concerns of the tire industry. I am confident that this collaboration will ultimately benefit and advance the best interest of each association’s membership.”

Littlefield added: "Over the past few months, both TIA and SEMA have agreed to work together to further strengthen our relationship. Being invited to join the Wheel & Tire Council is just more proof that this relationship-building is being backed up by concrete action. On behalf of our members, I thank SEMA for giving us the opportunity for our member voices to be heard on the Wheel & Tire Council as it continues its important mission.”

WTC Column in SEMA Member News

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For information about WTC, contact Zane Clark.

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Join YEN

Did you know that the SEMA Young Executives Network has more than 500 members networking in the industry and is the largest SEMA committee? If you are employed by a SEMA-member company and are under the age of 39, then you can join the SEMA Young Executives Network for FREE. If you are interested in becoming part of the team, please visit our website at

YEN Member of the Month Spotlight

Did you know that YEN has a Member of the Month Spotlight on the SEMA website and that anyone can be nominated? To view previous selections or to make a nomination, visit

YEN Column in SEMA Member News

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For information about YEN, contact Kim Desai.