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VW to Invest Up to $5 Billion in Rivian for Next-Gen Software, EV Architecture

By SEMA News Editors

Irvine, California-based automaker Rivian's CEO RJ Scaringe has announced the formation of a joint venture with Volkswagen (VW) CEO and CEO of Volkswagen Group Oliver Blume.

"This is exciting! Volkswagen Group['s] Oliver Blume and I are thrilled to announce the formation of a joint venture between our two companies. This partnership brings Rivian's software and zonal electronics platform to a broader market through Volkswagen Group's global reach and scale while providing an expected $5B of capital to Rivian as we bring R2 and our next generation of vehicles to market," said Scaringe in an announcement.

Volkswagen CEO and Rivian CEO

VW CEO Oliver Blume and Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe.

Both VW and Rivian hold a 50% stake in the venture and control each equally. More details can be found in the Rivian announcement here.

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In related VW news, new VW models featuring the new-generation "infotainment" system are now also equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) of ChatGPT. The AI-based research tool is available in all new vehicles in the all-electric ID. family, as well as in the new Golf, new Tiguan and new Passat. It can be accessed using the IDA voice assistant and offers a range of new options that go far beyond the voice control previously available. For example, customers can now have search results read out to them and can interact with the car using natural language.