The Future Leaders Network mission is to cultivate young talent in the automotive aftermarket through implementation of education and networking.

Nick Caloroso
FLN Chairman
Nick Caloroso
Council Director - Denise Waddingham - YEN | TORA | PRO
SEMA Staff Liaison
Denise Waddingham
Council Director

SEMA Offers Exclusive Professional Development Training for Future Leaders

SEMA Future Leaders Network teams up with World-Renown Dale Carnegie

A new Professional Development Program launched by the SEMA Future Leaders Network (FLN, formerly the Young Executives Network, YEN) is helping aspiring leaders in the automotive aftermarket reach greater levels of success. Sponsored by FLN in partnership with Dale Carnegie, the two-day, in-person program focuses on improving individual and business performance and is available exclusively to FLN members at a significant discount.

The program, which will take place on March 24 and 25, 2022 in Diamond Bar, California, will teach participants to:

  • Communicate professionally and confidently in business situations
  • Engage others by building rapport, asking pertinent questions, and listening
  • Build relationships and deal effectively with people in a multitude of scenarios
  • Gain cooperation and influence people, including direct reports, laterally and upward
  • Use emotional controls to sustain success

The program is available for $800 or half of Dale Carnegie’s regular fee, and includes complimentary meals and hotel accommodations for two nights. Participants will also need to arrange their own travel to the event.

FLN - Professional Development Training

Your future begins today. Shift it into overdrive by joining this active community.

Mission Statement

The Future Leaders Network (FLN, formerly the Young Executives Network, YEN) mission is to cultivate young talent in the automotive aftermarket through implementation of education and networking. FLN does this by utilizing resources available for virtual networking and in-person at industry trade events.


About FLN

Interested in FLN?

Membership in FLN provides young executives with an opportunity to network with other SEMA members in various market segments and influential industry leaders. It also gives you a unique chance to listen and learn, as well as provide the industry a youthful voice to be heard. By joining the FLN, you'll be taking the first step to becoming one of the future leaders of the automotive specialty-equipment market.

Who Qualifies for Membership?

FLNsters are industry leaders who are 39 years of age or younger. FLNsters are entrepreneurs, leading top businesses and actively pursuing a higher level of professionalism in the specialty equipment market. The current membership roster represents some of the top technology, marketing and sales, operations and executive minds in the automotive industry.

What Benefits Does FLN Offer?

FLN membership provides the ideal opportunity to become actively involved with SEMA and the specialty automotive aftermarket. By participating, FLNsters are given networking opportunities with prominent and accomplished industry leaders. Additionally, the program creates a forum to:

  • Tap in to the networking power of nearly 1,500+ of the industry's top young executives.
  • Exchange personal experiences with your industry peers.
  • Exclusive connection with other FLNsters on MySEMA.
  • Share your original content with over 150k via FLN-sponsored SEMA eNews articles.
  • Shine a spotlight on you and your company as a FLN Member-of-the-Month.
  • Open new business opportunities and career paths via exclusive networking with other FLNsters.

Connect with FLN on Facebook

Did you know FLN also has pages available on Facebook and LinkedIn? Check us out next time you're on your profile and help bring our industry in to the 21st Century! Better yet, go on and friend a FLNster today! 


Membership in FLN is open to all SEMA-member company employees under the age of 40 at no cost. If you are not a SEMA Member, join SEMA now. If you are already a SEMA Member, apply for FLN here. Confirmation and a welcome package will be mailed to you within 4-6 weeks. Apply for FLN here.

If you should have any questions or need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact a FLN Select Committee Member - check out the full roster at You can always contact SEMA staff for more information by emailing Denise Waddingham at or calling 909-979-4144.

We look forward to working with you as part of the Young Executives Network!

FLN Membership Task Force Chair


Council & Network Member Spotlight Library

Open to all council and network members, the spotlight program provides the opportunity for individuals in the industry to share their career successes and stories or nominate a colleague / company to share how they are contributing to the specialty-equipment market. If you are, or know a person who deserves to be recognized, you are invited and encouraged to submit an application by selecting the link within each group's section.


Council & Network Member Spotlight Library

Marketing to Millennials in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry

The over 80 Million Millenials living in America represent an ever growing market opportunity. Traditional marketing won't work for this socially inclined & tech saavy group. Instead, you have to break through the clutter. To gain valuable insider insight, you need only to look outside your office door to a generation of experts who live and breathe the Automotive Industry.

FLN Select Committee

Nick Caloroso, Chair
Driven Lighting Group

Matt Beenen, Chair-Elect
BuiltRight Industries

Kirstin Backes, IPC
Derive Systems

Jeffrey Banyas
Sisson IP Law

Jonathan M. Barber
Bob Cook Sales

Arun Coumar
Driven Performance Advisors

Zach Denney
Wholesale Horsepower

Cesar Gracida
RK Sport

Jeremy Headlee
UTV Source

Jake Hopkins
FASS Diesel Fuel Systems

Dan LaRou
Chrome Enhancements/LKQ

Stephanie Ortega
4WP Engineering

Jerid Suchy
SCT Performance
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Guidelines for Proper Usage of the SEMA Logo(s)

  1. SEMA encourages FLN members to post the FLN Member logo on any personal professional websites and use it on individualized professional-related materials such as letterhead, catalogs, business cards and advertisements.
  2. A FLN member may not use the FLN Logo to market a particular product, or affix the logo to a product or to product packaging.
  3. The FLN Member logo may never be used by a FLN member as a "stand-alone"; the logo must clearly say "Member" exactly as it is placed shown to the left.
  4. The FLN Member logo may not, under any circumstances, be distorted in its display; the logo must be vertically positioned as originally intended (not tweaked, turned upside down, etc.).
  5. The FLN Member logo may not be printed in any other color(s) than the original red, black and white scheme. If red is unattainable, then all black is permissible.

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