Preserving Hot Rodding for the Next Generation - Futures in Hot Rodding flyer

Futures in Hot Rodding, brought to you by the Hot Rod Industry Alliance, a SEMA Council, serves to encourage the industry's next generation by communicating, identifying, and promoting educational resources and career opportunities.

Career Center

SEMA has introduced a new Career Center and Job Board that will help bridge the gap and create a talent pipeline into hot rodding. The SEMA Career Center will serve to address industry employment challenges, and through SEMA's growing network of school contacts, create a direct link for young people looking to enter the automotive workforce.


HRIA is excited about this opportunity and encourage our membership to take advantage of this resource for your own business. As a community of hot rodders with a shared interest in promoting the hobby, we can effect change by sharing our respective job postings through social channels with a common tagline: "another Futures in Hot Rodding job opening," and then linking/sharing the actual job posting from the SEMA Career Center. This will help to promote your own business, increase application views, and create awareness for the hot rodding industry as whole.

SEMA Student Programs

SEMA Show Student Program (SSSP)

The SEMA Show Student Program offers educators and students the opportunity to attend the annual SEMA Show. The program is designed for "qualified and motivated students." The primary objective is to provide unique learning experiences that integrate the student's field of study with actual business and tradeshow opportunities in the automotive aftermarket industry. Students who participate in this program will:

  • Have an increased understanding of SEMA, its role in the automotive aftermarket industry and the market segments that make up the specialty equipment market.
  • Gain awareness of the diversity and depth of the automotive aftermarket.
  • Expand awareness of the SEMA Show and Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week (AAIW).
  • Gain information about potential careers in the aftermarket industry.
  • Establish a network of key industry contacts and potential future employers.

SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund

College is expensive. SEMA can help. The SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund is dedicated to fostering the next generation of automotive aftermarket industry leaders and innovators. Scholarship awards vary in range and value. Assistance is available for many different career paths in the automotive industry.

SEMA Loan Forgiveness Program

Since 2004, SEMA has been dedicated to aiding recent graduates in getting off to a successful start in their aftermarket career. If selected for the award, a SEMA-member company employee will receive $1,000 toward outstanding student loans. Please visit the link above for more information on eligibility.

SEMA Programs for Young Executives and Continuing Education

SEMA Young Executives Network (YEN)

Membership in YEN provides young executives with an opportunity to network with other SEMA members in various market segments and influential industry leaders. It also gives members a unique chance to listen and learn, as well as provide the industry a youthful voice to be heard. By joining the YEN, you'll be taking the first step to becoming one of the future leaders of the automotive specialty-equipment market.

SEMA Education Institute

SEMA recognizes how integral training is to its members' success and has invested in thedevelopment of a World-class, web-based learning enterprise. That learning enterprise is SEI -- and its goal is to provide members with programs and information that will maximize business results. SEI has partnered with subject matter experts and professional educators to build the best learning program possible with an on-line learning center.The SEI eLearning Center is open 24/7 and contains more than 200 courses that can be downloaded and listened to at your convenience.

Trade Schools, Colleges, and Universities

SEMA is committed to fostering the industry's next generation of leaders and innovators. Many times, higher education can be a key factor in preparing you for a successful career in the automotive aftermarket. We have put together a partial list of schools who offer programs that may be of interest to you.

There are so many career paths available in the automotive aftermarket---marketing, sales, accounting, IT, graphic design, online marketing, automotive technicians, engineering and more.

We encourage you to explore this list and find the school that meets your specific needs.