SEMA 2024 Education Programs to Offer EV 101 and High Voltage Safety Certification by Legacy EV laurap Thu, 07/11/2024 - 12:16
Get brand-agnostic and hands-on training in two electric-vehicle courses--EV 101 and High Voltage Safety Training--during the SEMA Show in Vegas.
Don't Wait: Applications for 2024 SEMA Show Feature Vehicle Display Close on July 26 ajh Thu, 07/11/2024 - 11:07
Show exhibitors looking to expand their footprint beyond their booth are encouraged to take advantage of this program.
TORA Member Spotlight: Vantrue Focuses on Intelligent Technology ajh Thu, 07/11/2024 - 10:36
Get to know Vantrue and Shang Chun, manager of the brand, in this interview with SEMA News.
Powering the Industry: SEMA Celebrates Brands Achieving Data Excellence ajh Thu, 07/11/2024 - 10:09
The SEMA Data Excellence Awards recognize manufacturers who have met the stringent data requirements of the SEMA Data and industry data standards.
Movers & Shakers: ENSO to Build U.S. Tire Factory ajh Thu, 07/11/2024 - 08:49
The company aims to produce 5 million EV tires by 2027 and create 600 jobs at the new facility.
EMPI Hosts Open House and Car Show ajh Thu, 07/11/2024 - 08:01
More than 4,500 enthusiasts and 400 Volkswagen and Porsches attended the event and corresponding car show.
5 Compelling Reasons for Automotive Restylers to Enter the 2024 SEMA PRO Cup Challenge ajh Thu, 07/11/2024 - 07:09
The program invites automotive restylers to design an accessory package for a new-model car or truck that is marketable, easy to replicate and profitable to dealerships.
Join SEMA, Petersen Automotive Museum at the Pebble Beach Classic Car Forum on August 15 laurap Wed, 07/10/2024 - 10:22
This isn't about politics; it's about innovation! Join our panel for a deep dive into the future of fuel technologies and the challenges posed by the electrification surge.
SEMA Show Exhibitor Best Practices: Utilize the Online Media Center laurap Tue, 07/09/2024 - 12:04
With thousands of media covering the SEMA Show, the Online Media Center provides opportunities to spotlight products, make announcements and direct attendees to booths.  
SEMA Fest 2024: New Details on the Attendee Experience laurap Tue, 07/09/2024 - 11:32
In 2023, we introduced SEMA Fest, a one-of-a-kind festival that seamlessly blended motorsports, music and car culture. This year, we're taking it up a notch.
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