The decisions made in Congress and the halls of state capitols have an enormous and growing effect on the automotive specialty-equipment market. State and Federal laws and regulations frequently impact the way automotive aftermarket products are made, distributed, and marketed. SEMA’s core mission is to ensure policymakers hear a clear, strong, unified voice representing SEMA members and the industry. SEMA has a proven legislative and regulatory program led by a professional staff based in Washington, D.C. that continually monitors and shapes legislation and regulations to benefit SEMA members, the specialty-equipment industry, and auto enthusiasts. Get involved and stay up-to-date on important bills in Congress and your state legislature by clicking here to sign up to be a member of the SEMA Action Network (SAN).

Government Affairs Staff 

Legislation has a huge and growing affect on the automotive specialty-equipment market. The outcome of these legislative initiatives frequently impacts the way products are made, distributed and marketed. SEMA has a proven legislative and regulatory program led by a professional staff based in Washington, D.C. that continually works on behalf of the membership. The program includes a number of components that together have resulted in a long list of successes of significant benefit to the industry.

As a SEMA member, you will be kept informed as relevant legislative issues arise. Whether the association is proactively lobbying on a matter or responding to a potentially harmful bill, SEMA communicates with members through legislative alerts and updates. These updates spell out exactly how the bill would impact the industry and your business, and equip you with information you need to take quick action to help determine the bill’s final outcome.

SEMA’s Government Affairs Office also works to develop and maintain a strong, positive relationship with representatives in the state legislatures and on Capitol Hill. The Association has helped establish state and federal automotive caucuses consisting of elected officials who are committed to supporting our industry and automotive hobbyists. Congressional visits are often arranged so that SEMA members can meet with their representatives and voice their concerns first-hand.

SEMA members are further invited to be a part of the SEMA Political Action Committee (PAC). The PAC, which is one of the Association’s newest tools designed to strengthen the industry’s legislative efforts in the U.S. Congress, enables members to pool their resources in a larger industry fund. It joins SEMA’s longstanding California PAC as a mechanism for supporting industry-friendly lawmakers.


Karen Bailey-Chapman, Senior Vice President, Public and Government Affairs - (202) 796-0850

Eric Snyder, Senior Director, Federal Government Affairs - (202) 792-7793

Christian Robinson, Senior Director, State Government Affairs & SEMA PAC - (202) 794-8279

Colby Martin, Director, SEMA Action Network (SAN) - (909) 978-6721

Kiley Chapley, Legislative Analyst - (202) 770-0147