SEMA News—October 2021


By Juan Torres

Available High-Tech Resources

Since 2013, the SEMA Garage in Diamond Bar, California, has given association members access to high-tech resources that are typically accessible only to large-scale manufacturers. Scanning services, advanced tools and equipment, and an emissions lab recognized by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) are among the resources available to help manufacturers develop parts from start to finish. In order to offer these services to new members and increase collaboration with partners in other parts of the country, SEMA purchased a building near Detroit to build a second SEMA Garage. The SEMA Garage Detroit facility is scheduled to open in early 2022. Below are some of the media outlets keeping track of all the SEMA Garage efforts.

Modern Tire Dealer


SEMA Garage’s three-part ADAS webinar series in early 2021 explained how ADAS systems work and how they are affected by various vehicle modifications or repairs. The webinars were ideal for businesses that manufacturer or install parts which alter a vehicle’s body, suspension or wheels and tires.

BodyShop Business

SEMA hired Benjamin Kaminsky as SEMA Garage Detroit operations manager, responsible for the overall management of services and the Detroit facility. Kaminsky’s experience working with both automakers and tier-one suppliers will assist manufacturers with the development of new and innovative products.

DBusiness Magazine

This business journal was among the publications that quickly shared the news about SEMA’s planned second SEMA Garage near Detroit. DBusiness reported that the facility will have an ADAS Center where manufacturers will be able to obtain static calibration of on-board vehicle advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).


“The SEMA Garage is a game changer for manufacturers. By utilizing the tools and resources in the SEMA Garage, manufacturers no longer rely on trial and error for their product development.”—Tire Business, via Facebook

Body Shop

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