SEMA News—June 2021


By Juan Torres

Helping the Industry Move Along

As the only parts on a car that actually touch the road on which it travels, tires are essential components of every vehicle. Manufacturers produce tires that are made of many different compounds and designs to meet market needs, and the importance of the rubber component is evident by the more than $4 billion in sales it generates in the aftermarket industry, per the “2020 SEMA Market Report” ( Below are some of the publications that have kept track of the new tires that were introduced into the market at recent SEMA events.

Traction NewsTraction

Editor Daniel Hatch reported on the three new tires that Coker Tire debuted during SEMA360: two completely new classic tires and a new size in its Silvertown radial series. The new tires are ideal for classic trucks, hot rods, vintage sports cars and luxury sedans that require precise original equipment fitment.

Tire Review


Atturo Tires has participated in the SEMA Show to showcase existing and new products, including its Trail Blade series. Tire Review editors helped spread the word about the company’s new Trail Blade MTS (Mud-
Terrain Sport) and Trail Blade ATS (All-Terrain Sport) tires by interviewing Atturo staff members at their SEMA Show booth.

Tire BusinessTire

Yokohama used the 2019 SEMA Show to introduce several new tires into the market. Its effort to bring more awareness to the tires by entering them into the New Products Showcase paid off when the company was presented with the award for Best New Product–Tire as well as both runner-up honors.



Heard on Social Media

“Coker has brought new life to the cherished 5/20 tire, and at the 2019 SEMA Show, they had quite a number of wheels wrapped in this iconic tire.”Lowrider Magazine, via Facebook

“We’re talking to Sonny from Toyo Tires. Hear all about the current tyres, as well as a few that might be making it to Australia in 2020.”Tyre Review, via YouTube

“Atturo Debuts Their New Trail Blade MTS Tires on a Mean-Looking Jeep Gladiator SEMA Build.”—, via Twitter

Cooper Tire introduces Discoverer EnduraMax tire at SEMA.Rubber World, via Twitter

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