SEMA News—March 2021


By Juan Torres

International Appeal

The automotive aftermarket has no boundaries, as evidenced by the thousands of articles that are produced every year by journalists throughout the world. These reporters are constantly on the hunt for the latest automotive trends to report to their readers and often rely on SEMA to learn about new parts and technology in the marketplace. By attending the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas or following one of SEMA’s programs that help member companies expand into international markets, journalists are able to stay abreast of the latest happenings in the industry. The following are some international publications that keep an eye on SEMA’s efforts.


Editors at the online publication strive to provide automotive enthusiasts in Mexico with the latest industry news, so they compiled a list of products that were showcased during the week of the SEMA360 online event. Among the parts they highlighted for their readers were new products by Baer, Baxter Performance, Classic Instruments, CTEK, Garrett and NRG.

“Auto Service World”
Auto Service World

Auto Service World covers all sectors of the Canadian automotive aftermarket, including manufacturing and distribution, so it’s only natural that its editors track the aftermarket industry in the United States. When SEMA released its 2020 “Industry Perspectives Report,” editor Allan Janssen informed his readers about some of the key findings and metrics discovered by SEMA.

“Auto Motor and Sport”

Thomas Harloff informed his readers in Germany about Toyota’s big splash at SEMA360, when the automaker revealed aftermarket variations of the Tacoma and Supra. The Tacoma pickup was modified with products essential for overlanding adventures, and one Supra the OEM displayed was a hand-painted version that was modified for drifting competitions.

Heard In The News

“A Ford Transit fully prepared for the raid, offering the comfort and volume of a van and the off-road services of a 4x4. You can find everything at the SEMA Show!”—Generation 4x4 (France)

“A SEMA event wouldn’t be the same without Kaesar Compressors in attendance, and SEMA360 was no exception.”—Collision Repair (Canada), via YouTube

“Did you know that AutoZulia International has served as a judge at the SEMA Show, selecting Top 10 New Products for the automotive market?”—AutoZulia International (Venezuela), via Facebook

“Here is an hour of your life you’ll never get back, where we check out a bunch of hot rods, custom cars and modified cars from SEMA360.”—RetroRidesTV (UK), via YouTube

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