SEMA News—September 2020


By Juan Torres

Shifting Data Into High Gear

To help aftermarket companies manage their product data and generate more business, the SEMA Data Co-op (SDC) offers a centralized database that enables manufacturers to author, validate, store and distribute product data to distributors and retailers. With the SDC’s comprehensive set of online data-management tools, businesses can manage data such as descriptions, pricing, images, UPC codes and other information critical for online and in-store sales. For more information about the SDC, visit

Below are some of the publications that have reported on the successes that companies have
experienced with the SDC program.

The Supply ChannelSupply Channel

With online sales of automotive parts doubling to $12 billion in only five years, online product information and data have never been more important. Among the key factors that lead to more online business are digital assets, distinct product attributes and clear descriptions.


Aftermarket News


By becoming ACES 4.0 compliant, the SEMA Data Co-op enabled engine-based manufacturers to separate data for engine blocks, bore and stroke into their own tables, allowing users to search more efficiently, particularly when bore/stroke are not relevant to fitment.


The Shop

The Shop

Injen Technology, a manufacturer of cold-air intake and exhaust systems, reached Platinum status with the SEMA Data Co-op by exceeding a range of data requirements. This data makes it easy for sellers to create informative product listings, resulting in more sales opportunities.



Heard on Social Media

“Race Sport Lighting Data Available Through SEMA Data Co-Op.”Cerebral-Overload, via Twitter

“TI Automotive has achieved Platinum status with the SEMA Data Co-op (SDC).”—Auto Care Week/The Greensheet, via Twitter

“SEMA Data Co-op is ACES 4.0 Compliant: Updated data standards target engine-based manufacturers.”, via Twitter

“SEMA Data Co-op is now ACES 4.0 compliant, making it more efficient than ever for participating parts manufacturers and resellers to communicate details that will help get products to market quickly and easily.”—Custom Automotive Network, via Facebook


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