SEMA News—January 2020


By Juan Torres

Worth Thousands of Words

It would likely take hundreds of pages to describe in detail everything that happened at the 2019 SEMA Show. Given deadlines and space constraints, journalists at the Show rely on photography to highlight features and items that are of interest to their readers. While some media focus on a specific niche or segment, other outlets, such as the ones listed below, capture as much content as possible and present it to their audiences through photo galleries with captions to provide them with an overall recap of the world’s premier automotive trade show.



With the use of a 22-photo gallery, Robin Warner gave Autoweek readers an encompassing recap of the 2019 SEMA Show. Among the photos were images of industrial-size air compressors by Champion, car covers by Coverking and several exhibitor booths.


MSN/Hot Rod


MSN picked up the work of Hot Rod editors Brian Brennan and Taylor Kempkes to give readers a taste of SEMA 2019. The piece included a written article and a 125-photo gallery highlighting hot rods displayed throughout the Las Vegas Convention Center and in exhibitor booths.



The work of Ed Tahaney, Nick Licata, Mark Houlahan, Henry De Los Santos and Edward Loh was combined to put together a comprehensive 2019 SEMA Show recap for Automobile readers. The piece featured a massive 1,067-photo gallery that highlighted vehicles, exhibitors and products at the Show.



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