SEMA News—August 2019


By Juan Torres

In addition to producing the premier automotive specialty-equipment trade show in the world, SEMA supports the aftermarket by giving members and the industry a voice before policymakers. Because laws and regulations can impact the way aftermarket products are made, distributed and marketed, SEMA has a proven program led by a professional staff in Washington, D.C., that continually monitors and shapes legislation. To learn about SEMA’s latest legislative efforts, visit or read articles like the ones below.

The JournalClassic Car Journal

When AB 1824 went into effect in California on January 1, 2019, the industry quickly voiced its opinion against the law, which would force law enforcement to issue fines instead of fix-it tickets for exhaust noise violations. Carter Nacke reported on SEMA’s sponsorship of AB 390, which would repeal AB 1824.


Hemmings Motor News


Arkansas Act 368 is a legislative initiative that would change the designation of antique vehicles from 25 years and older to 45 years and beyond. Hemmings Motor News reporter Daniel Strohl reported on the public outcry created by the proposed amendment and interviewed the SEMA government affairs team regarding its efforts to help repeal the act.

On All Cylinders On All Cylinders

Erosion and mining at the Bonneville Salt Flats has left its hard surface crust extremely thin, making some areas of the venerable racing site unsafe for fast driving. To help pass a state program that would pump 1.5 million tons of new salt onto the flats over 10 years, SEMA successfully helped urge the state’s lawmakers to fund the program.


Heard on Social Media

“When you get to the Bonneville Salt Flats, please take a minute to thank SEMA and the men/women of the Save The Salt campaign ( for their many years of saving such a precious resource as the salt flats.”MC2 Magazine, via Facebook

“Today, representatives from SEMA meet with legislators in Washington to fight for race car and aftermarket industry rights.”Hot Rod, via Twitter

“The SEMA Action Network (@SEMAsan) is requesting support for the public to voice their opinions on the California Bill to repeal 2018 Exhaust
Noise Law.”—Automotive Videos, via Twitter

“The Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah have been dwindling away for lack of salt replenishment over the years. The SEMA Action Network and Save the Salt, joined by dozens of partners, have been working diligently to restore the salt flats.”—Modern Jeeper, via Facebook

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