SEMA News—August 2015


SEMA Is on Your Side

Readers know that this is an industry of passion, so the media is quick to share the news and spread the word when legislation comes up that affects the industry. This is a good thing for readers, since legislation can change quickly, and staying up to date on the current status is important.

The following online and print outlets will keep you informed on the efforts of the association in terms of monitoring key legislative issues and other events such as the annual Collector Car Appreciation Day. If they are not already on your list of required readings, we recommend that you add them today.

Driving Force

Driving Force Required ReadingAs the official newsletter for the SEMA Action Network (SAN), Driving Force is filled with updated news and information about current legislation and laws. The newsletter is timely and easy-to-read, and it’s free to all SAN members!


Tire Business

Tire Business Required ReadingAs a trade publication, Tire Business alerted its members about a business-related issue that SEMA was monitoring. A recent issue reported on the Affordable Care Act and the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, which offers employers a deduction on the first year’s wages of employees who are veterans.



Mustang360 Required ReadingThe online home of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords magazine, Mustang360° also reported on Collector Car Appreciation Day, noting the importance of working with legislators. The article explained how Collector Car Appreciation Day helps the industry and that there are many ways to participate and celebrate the hobby.


Heard in Social Media

“It was cool to see Courtney Hansen out on Power Tour supporting the SEMA Action Network! The SAN keeps tabs on trending laws that favor—or don’t—our street rodding hobby strong and going.”—Street Rod Life on Facebook

“U.S. Congress Introduces Bill to Allow Limited Production of Turn-Key Replica Cars.”—Dave Jenkins on Twitter

“Nominate your Classic Car Community Hero
for Collector Car Appreciation Day.”—Classic Cars on Twitter

“SEMA Action Network protects the classic car industry, a big part of our American heritage. See you at the track!”—Courtney Hansen on Twitter

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