SEMA News—July 2015


Media Trade Conference Generates Abundance of Motorsports Coverage

Staying up-to-date on the latest motorsports parts can be a challenge, especially since manufacturers in that segment are constantly innovating and developing new products. The SEMA Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council (MPMC) hosts the annual Media Trade Conference (MTC) to bring journalists and manufacturers from the motorsports market together, resulting in lots of in-depth articles and features. The conference is held in January each year, and while reporters typically leave with a year’s worth of editorial content, their articles are beginning to appear as we go to press. Take a look at a few of the early articles that have hit, and be on the lookout for more to come.

Hot Rod MagazineHot Rod

Hot Rod described the MTC as “Speed Parts Speed Dating,” and the team was quick in getting a story about the event up immediately after it ended. The article briefly described the event, noting that editors were able to spend quality time with manufacturers to really see and understand their products. The article also highlighted products that really stood out, including an Edelbrock dual-quad Hemi intake, conical valve springs from Comp Cams and a QA1 six-link rear suspension.

Car Builder MagazineCar Builder

Car Builder also did a great job describing the MPMC Media Trade Conference and noted how the quality time gives its editors a chance to really research and identify products that will be of interest to the publication’s readers. In an article by Steve Temple, products from Lingenfelter, Bilstein, QuickFuelTechnology and Hypertech were highlighted and shared with readers well in advance of their official public launch.

Four Wheeler MagazineFour Wheeler

Matt Emory wrote his editor’s column for the June issue of Four Wheeler from the 2015 MPMC Media Trade Conference, where he said that his team identified new parts to feature in upcoming tech stories and videos. Be sure to look for this publication (both the monthly printed magazine and the online site for the videos) to learn about the cool products its editors found at the conference.

Heard in Social Media

“Manufacturers and the Press Converge in January to help create editorial content for the upcoming year! Shift and Steer with Bonspeed Brad Fanshaw, Aaron Rat Runners Garage Hagar and Motorator Matt D’Andria bring you an at-the-scene report.” —Photo Album on Shift Steer Media Facebook Page

“Thanks to all the media and other MPMC members, along with SEMA staff, for making it another great event!” —Hypertech Facebook Page

“Showing off products to the media at SEMA MPMC conferences all week #sema #carstuff” —Dan Nicholas

“The @SEMAmpmc event is better than Christmas. I get presents I know I’ll use. Thanks @Meguiars” —@motorator on Twitter

“Thanks to everyone at @SEMAmpmc for another great event! #mpmc” —@Royal_Purple on Twitter

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