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SEMA Show 2013 Coverage—The Next Best Thing to Being There

More than 2,100 companies have already secured space for the 2013 event, including 500 first-time exhibitors. The Show is designed to provide manufacturers of automotive products and accessories with a venue to connect to and do business with buyers from throughout the world, so the better informed exhibitors are, the more successful their experience will be. Thousands of reporters and journalists attend the SEMA Show each year with the goal of sharing new products and trends with consumers who are unable to see what’s happening in person. Many of the journalists represent automotive publications. However, as vehicle customization becomes more mainstream and consumers seek to personalize everything from cell-phone covers to coffee orders, general interest in the SEMA Show increases. Representatives from daily newspapers and mainstream outlets come to the SEMA Show to share with their readers news on how they can personalize their vehicles, whether with something as simple as a custom floor mat or seat cover or with a new paint scheme or engine component.

As referenced by the articles mentioned below, the SEMA Show breaks news every year on a variety of fronts: new model debuts, custom builds and specialty vehicles as well as a host of new aftermarket products that are introduced to the public for the first time during the Show. With all of the coverage provided, there is wide public access to all the news coming out of the Show.

Rod & Custom magazine reviewed the 2013 SEMA Show, paying particular attention to the street-rod and custom market. The New York Times

The New York Times mentioned that the 2013 SEMA Show featured vendors from all over the world who displayed new and innovative products that will soon be available to consumers.

It also noted that the aftermarket industry as a whole is responsible for more than $31 billion in sales every year.

In addition, The New York Times mentioned that SEMA vehicles are often used as testing grounds for new parts to gauge what will and won’t be popular in the marketplace.

Peak Wireless Corp. received coverage from Consumer Reports for the launch of the company’s KnowMyTires product. AP

One of the trademarks of the SEMA Show is the ability to generate news. Ford used the platform of the Show to announce that the successful Chip Ganassi sports car program—the most successful team in Daytona Prototype history—was moving over to the Ford brand. Major announcements are frequently made during the SEMA Show, and newspaper coverage such as this AP piece make sure that auto enthusiasts have access to the news generated by the SEMA Show first.


Rod & Custom magazine reviewed the 2013 SEMA Show, paying particular attention to the street-rod and custom market.

USA Today dedicated some of its Show coverage to another large component: vehicle innovation and technology. It noted that Toyota’s collaboration with Herbst Smith Fabrications shows how the idea that a vehicle can be controlled by a smartphone or iPad may not be that far off. The SEMA Show features the latest in technical advances and innovations every year before they are available to the general public. Newspaper coverage such as this ensures that the news is disseminated to everyone, even car buffs who are unable to attend the Show in person.

Stang TV noted that Powermaster Starters and Alternators had entered its products in the annual SEMA New Product Showcase.
Las Vegas Review-Journal

As the Las Vegas Review-Journal (LVRJ) indicated, the SEMA Show really is where dreams come true.
LVRJ took it a step further by stating that the SEMA Show is where car fantasies come true, with the custom builds and the wide variety of aftermarket parts allowing both amateur and pro vehicle builders to let their imaginations run wild. LVRJ also noted that the annual New Product Showcase, which is featured during the Show, is a great place to get new ideas and learn about all the latest industry trends.

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