SEMA News—January 2012


Headlines Focus on Products

While the vehicles at the SEMA Show may be the most visual aspect of the annual event, it’s the products that remain the stars. Manufacturers exhibit at the SEMA Show to feature their products, and the number-one reason buyers attend the Show is to discover hot new products. Even the media come to the SEMA Show to see what new products are about to hit the market. Below are a few media clips that prove just how important products are to the SEMA Show.


The New York Times—This leading newspaper featured countless articles on the 2011 SEMA Show, including this comprehensive write-up on the best new products. As the article stated, the SEMA Show is, after all, a “showcase for automotive products.”        The Las Vegas Review-Journal Reporter—Hubble Smith noted in the local newspaper that “custom car accessories were prominently displayed and passionately discussed at the annual convention.”  

The Detroit News—In addition to several articles in printed newspapers, The Detroit News featured dozens of images from the SEMA Show on its website. Each image highlighted just how the products from the Show can help consumers customize their rides.

Road & Track—We agree with Road & Track when it says that those who have never been to the SEMA Show can easily imagine that the event is a place where all sorts of cars are displayed. We also agree with the magazine when it continues to say that “the real show is put on by some 2,000 exhibitors displaying aftermarket parts and accessories.”  

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