SEMA News—February 2012


Media Turns to Tires and Wheels

While there are trade shows that target specific automotive aftermarket segments, the SEMA Show is the premier trade show that covers every aftermarket category. From hot rods, mobile electronics and paints, to wheels, tires, trucks and more, the SEMA Show is unique in that it provides the industry with an opportunity to cross market and discover new opportunities for growth. Nowhere else are industry professionals able to see such a variety of products and accessories.

Two areas of the Show that capture the attention of many in the industry are wheels and tires. The Global Tire Expo—Powered by the Tire Industry Association (TIA), was created as a standalone section in 2010 and has grown to become a comprehensive tire show featuring all segments of the tire industry. Held side-by-side with the wheel section, the Global Tire Expo helps to generate a great deal of media coverage as well.

Modern Tire Dealer

tire conference, tire expo, tire industry, tire showLike many print publications, Modern Tire
posts up-to-the-minute news and announcements on its website. During the SEMA Show in November, the trade
publication that targets independent tire dealers posted news live from the SEMA


Tire Business

tire conference, tire expo, tire industry, tire showAnother trade publication, Tire Business posted news and reports of the Show throughout the week on its website. Comprehensive coverage followed in the print publication with several pages of SEMA Show news.

tire conference, tire expo, tire industry, tire showTire Review

Knowing that the industry anxiously awaits
to learn what’s new from the SEMA Show each year, Tire Review posted lots of news live from the SEMA Show. The real-time breaking news is consistent with the publication’s mission to provide the highest quality editorial product completely devoted to the success of tire dealers in North America.

tire conference, tire expo, tire industry, tire show

USA Today

Wheel and tire coverage is not limited to the tire trades. USA Today featured a comprehensive article on the trends that were identified at the SEMA Show.

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