SEMA News—November 2011

A Message From Paul “Scooter” Brothers, SEMA Chairman of the Board

  “Scooter” Brothers, SEMA Chairman of the Board 
To our very good friends, family and extended family:

It’s almost impossible to believe, but this is the 45th time the SEMA Show has been the reason for this family to get together, celebrate the past year and take a glimpse into the future. I say “family” because this industry has grown stronger by banding together for the past few years. What you see at this year’s SEMA Show is an example of what a family can do when it pulls together and pushes through tough times.

In the case of SEMA, we are comprised of all sorts of people. From major companies to the smallest jobber, from the oldest to the youngest, from every person on the SEMA staff to every member of the SEMA Action Network, we are all a part of SEMA. Working together like brothers and sisters, we have created everything you see at the Show. And yet, even though we lock arms in tough times, we compete like racers at the track and strive to be the best. The competitive spirit of every member of the SEMA family inspires each one of us to be better. And as we look around the SEMA Show each year, it’s easy to see how the passions of individual members have pushed the whole industry toward the goal line.

As Chairman of the Board, I am proud to say that the hard work and dedication of the SEMA Board of Directors, all of the members and the SEMA association staff have made the last 12 months a success—in times where some can’t say that. The SEMA Board continues to chart an exciting course, with several new and cutting-edge programs once again positioning SEMA as the number-one association for its members and making available the tools to remain strong in the future.

One important consideration for all members, large and small alike, is how the membership should best be represented by the SEMA Board of Directors. During your time at the Show, you will undoubtedly hear about a SEMA recommendation to streamline the Board of Directors. Having carefully considered the pros and cons, the Board believes that these changes are important for more effective and efficient leadership. As your Chairman, I urge each company to act on this important proposal and cast a thoughtful vote.

Finally, I want to extend a special welcome to the youngest generation of SEMA members. As this younger group enters this industry, their enthusiasm and ability to see new paths in a changing world will carry this association long into the future. I’m proud to welcome them to the family, and I know that they will some day be the leaders of the industry.

The passion that each of you demonstrates is what makes the SEMA Show the center of the automotive world, and each and every one of you should be proud of what you have accomplished. Thank you for attending the world’s greatest automotive specialty-equipment trade show ever. Enjoy yourselves while you are in Las Vegas. I thank you for coming, and I sincerely hope that you all have a great year in 2012.


Paul “Scooter” Brothers, SEMA Chairman of the Board

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