SEMA News—July 2011

Wheels Keep on Turning

Wheels continue to be one of the first modifications that car and truck owners make to their vehicles. The popularity of these products may be one reason why wheels are so prominent at the SEMA Show. Located in the lower South Hall, where buyer activity tends to be among the highest, the SEMA Show’s Wheels & Accessories section is a key destination for many. Just take a look at what the media captured at last year’s event.

Street Trucks

When Street Trucks magazine picked the best products from the 2010 SEMA Show, it not only included a wheel product on the list but also highlighted the wheel product to stand out from all the others. The story prominently features custom wheels from the SEMA Show in a bright red box.

Open Road

This publication from America’s Car Museum highlights “products from period wheels and tires….” The editor noted trends and popular items from the SEMA Show, pointing out what he saw as hot products.

Brazilian magazine Motivo photographed and included a lot of wheels in its SEMA Show coverage. Wheels in booths. Wheels on cars. Individual stand-alone photos of wheels. Lots and lots of wheels.

With more than 100 wheel manufacturers at the SEMA Show, this Brazilian magazine found lots of wheels to feature.

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