SEMA News - April 2010

The SEMA Show may be closed to the public, but the annual event is of great interest to auto consumers and enthusiasts throughout the world because of the thousands of modified vehicles and new products on display. Luckily, international consumer publications continue to make the trip to Las Vegas and share the latest automotive trends with readers throughout the world.

Car Magazine, South Africa
February 2010

“The Green Economy”

Consumers in South Africa have turned the hobby of auto accessorization and improving performance into a way of life. Car magazine in South Africa treated its readers to seven pages of news and photos from the 2009 SEMA Show.  


Autocentre Magazine
Ukraine, January 2010

Written in Ukrainian, this four-page story included dozens of photos that highlighted the excitement from the SEMA Show. From musclecars to sport compacts, trucks and even two-wheelers, this article had it all.


Top Performance Magazine
Dubai, January 2010

“SEMA Show 2009, Part II”

The leading automotive publication in Dubai dedicated several pages to the 2009 SEMA Show, spread across two months. Still, the publication noted that the coverage didn’t adequately report on all that happens at the event and teased its readers with the idea of dedicating an entire issue to the SEMA Show. 


USAC News Magazine, Brazil
December 2009

“SEMA Show 2009”

With a diverse population known for its affinity for motorsports, Brazil is home to thousands of the most passionate auto enthusiasts in the world. This article in Brazil’s monthly auto magazine, USAC News, shared with its readers some of the trends from the 2009 SEMA Show.


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