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FLN Member Spotlight: Brian Doyle of Tire Service International Inc.

By Ashley Reyes

FLNBrian Doyle is the SEMA Future Leaders Network’s (FLN) newest spotlight member. Doyle is the general manager at Tire Service International Inc., an aftermarket manufacturer of tire service equipment and shop tools.

Get to know Doyle in his interview with SEMA below.

SEMA: What is the best advice you have ever received?

Brian Doyle: You fail your way to success. The owner of TSI told me this when I first started here. It allowed to me to realize that I don’t have to be perfect here or at home, that I will make mistakes and I will fail. In the end, as long as I learn from those failures personally as a parent, husband or at work, I will ultimately become the man, husband and leader I want to be and know I can be.

SEMA: What keeps you in the industry?

BD: The people. We are a unique fun-loving group of people. I’ve been in this industry for more than 17 years, and the hard work has been so rewarding to myself and family. We work hard and play harder!

SEMA: Where can you be found on a Saturday?

BD: With my family. Nowhere else I’d rather be.

SEMA: How do you prepare for an important meeting?

BD: In my position, I rely heavily on data. I will spend hours researching and developing a plan for attack.

SEMA: If you could go to lunch with one industry leader, living or dead, who it would be and why?

BD: In working for Discount Tire for more than 15 years, there is only one man I would have loved to have lunch with and just pick his brain—Mr. Bruce Halle. He was a visionary, a leader and motivator. I met him two to three times over my tenure there, and each time, our one-to-two-minute exchange was more captivating than ever. I wish I had the chance when he was alive to just pick his brain for an hour or two.

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