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FLN Member Spotlight: Michael Seymour at Holley

By Ashley Reyes

YENMichael Seymour is the SEMA Future Leaders Network’s (FLN) newest spotlight member. Seymour is the director of performance media at Holley, a developer of EFI products and manufacturer of top brands, such as MSD, Flowmaster, Hurst, Accel and many more.

Get to know Seymour in his interview with SEMA below.

SEMA: What is the best advice you have ever received?

Michael Seymour: KISS—Keep It Simple Stupid. Keeping things simple allows you to easily come back to the core reason why you are doing something in the first place.  Otherwise, you can fall into the trap of work for the sake of “work.”

SEMA: What keeps you in the industry?

MS: Work comes naturally when you are passionate about what you do and who you serve.

SEMA: Where can you be found on a Saturday?

MS: Either in the garage or out at a car show/event. Saturday mornings and cars is almost at PB&J status.

SEMA: How do you prepare for an important meeting?

MS: Know the audience—How familiar the attendees are to the subject being discussed and understanding how my role plays a part in the meeting’s objectives.

SEMA: If you could go to lunch with one industry leader, living or dead, who it would be?

MS: Bill Tichenor, if he is paying.

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