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What Installers and Restylers Need to Know About Selling to Dealers

By Ashley Reyes

PROMany products and accessories are more likely to be purchased by consumers when they are purchasing their new vehicles from the dealer. Consumers are more apt to have the upgrade immediately when they purchase the vehicle and can even roll the cost of the upgrades into the financing with the dealer. To capitalize on this strategy, installers and restylers can increase business by working directly with dealers.

However, it can be challenging to convince dealers to incorporate accessory programs into their businesses. Installers and restylers must have more than a strong sales approach, top-quality workmanship and a positive rapport. They must understand the inner workings of a dealership and be able to explain how the program will benefit the dealer.

To help restylers, trimmers and accessory retailers build a more successful dealer-direct sales strategy, the SEMA Professional Restylers Organization (PRO) has a “Sales Training Manual” that includes vital information on how to work with dealers. The 82-page manual is a comprehensive guide that is used as the foundation for the SEMA Accessory Sales Professional Exam, which restylers, installers and accessory retailers can take to certify their sales expertise and set their business apart from competitors.

In addition to listing the key elements of a sales strategy, the manual contains in-depth information of what constitutes a good sales rep, how to promote your image and brand and provides marketing tools and resources.

Learn more about the “PRO Sales Training Manual” at PRO members can obtain the manual for free by contacting Denise Waddingham at