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MPMC Member Spotlight: DeatschWerks

By Ashley Reyes

DeatschwerksDeatschWerks is the newest SEMA Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council (MPMC) member spotlight company.

Manufacturer of high-performance fuel system components, DeatschWerks (DW) was established in 2004 by offering high-flow drop-in fitment fuel injectors. The company expanded into fuel pumps in 2009 with the DW300—the highest-flowing in-tank fuel pump of its time. Since then, DW has developed a wide range of innovative fuel system components, which include in-tank and in-line pumps, surge tanks, fuel rails, fuel filters, pressure regulators, and fuel-specific lines, fittings and adaptors.

Today, the DeatschWerks lineup of fuel-system components includes more than 1,100 SKUs covering sport-compact, modern muscle, Euro and powersport applications. Get to know the company’s history in SEMA’s interview with Matt Henson, DeatschWerks’ marketing manager, below.  

SEMA: How did the business get started and what were the biggest hurdles?    

MH: DeatschWerks was born in David Deatsch’s garage while he was tinkering with his own fuel injectors trying to get more performance out of them. What he figured out for himself worked for friends’ cars too, and before long, he had customers coming to him for bigger injectors.

One of the biggest hurdles has been growing the business from its roots in the garage to a full-scale manufacturing environment while remaining entrepreneurial and agile.

DeatschwerksSEMA: What was your breakthrough moment?    

MH: The breakthrough product for DeatschWerks was the release of the DW300 fuel pump in 2009. Prior to that, DeatschWerks was focused on fuel injectors. With the success of the new fuel pump, DW quickly began the path to engineering components to be able to offer full fuel systems.

SEMA: Tell us about a particular project, product or build you are proud of.    

MH: The DW440 Brushless fuel pump is a unique product and one we are very proud of. It was the first in-tank brushless fuel pump. Brushless motors are more efficient, more powerful and more compact than traditional motors. So, the DW440 Brushless fuel pump is one of our smallest pumps we offer but also one of our most powerful. Also, because it’s brushless, it is compatible with all fuels including methanol, ethanol and diesel.

SEMA: What does MPMC mean to your company?    

MH: As a manufacturer of performance parts used by motorsport enthusiasts, we are drawn to MPMC’s dedication to preserving and promoting the motorsports parts industry. Each year, DW participates in MPMC’s Media Trade Conference, which provides an opportunity to preview product plans to industry media outlets as well as networking opportunities with other motorsports part manufacturers.

SEMA: What is one thing you could say that MPMC could do to help a new or growing business in the motorsports industry?

MH: One thought would be to do a format much like the Media Trade Conference but with business resources to help smaller, or quickly growing companies to gain insight into business, sales, IT, or marketing resources, tactics or strategies.

SEMA: What do you want others to know about your company?    

MH: We are a company of motorheads. We not only design, build and sell our products, but we also use them in our own projects. We have employees who race dirt track, quarter-mile, half-mile, drifting, endurance road racing, and even one who races semi-trucks! So, a lot of our product ideas come through our own experiences. We also keep in close contact with our customer base through social media, trade shows like SEMA and racing events. Our customers have great ideas for new products and how to improve our existing products.

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