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PRO Volunteer Spotlight: Dennis Lerdahl, President of Accessory.Parts

By Ashley Reyes

PROThe SEMA Professional Restylers Organization (PRO) named Dennis Lerdahl as the council’s latest volunteer spotlight member. Lerdahl is the president of Accessory.Parts, a wholesaler of automotive aftermarket accessories for car and truck enthusiasts.
Get to know Lerdahl in his interview with SEMA below.

SEMA: Why did you decide to volunteer for PRO?

Dennis Lerdahl: I feel I can personally bring an impact to PRO. We have created a unique go-to-market strategy with Accessory.Parts, which could open up greater business opportunities for the entire group. I’m looking forward to conversations that will revolve around that as I believe it will be an ever-lasting impact for A.P and the network.

SEMA: What advice do you have for someone pursuing a career in the automotive aftermarket?

DL: Enjoy the ride! Seriously. Enjoy it. Once you enjoy it, you can make money. If you are trying to hop in this hoping to make money and don't enjoy the industry, good luck.

SEMA: What is your dream vehicle?

DL: Well, everyone will tell you that is simple—all of them. That being said, I do tend to lean towards restored American muscle. But, I would hop behind and have hopped behind the wheel of almost everything.

SEMA: What is the best advice you have ever received?

DL: Tough question. Hard to name just one. I would say it has taken me many years to surround myself with the right mentors both in business and personal. I believe I have a good balance today. Now, to answer the question, the best advice I have ever received is the stuff I did NOT want to hear and someone cared for me enough to tell me anyway.

SEMA: What keeps you in the industry?

DL: My son and my father keep me in the industry. I am blessed that they both enjoy the passion I do for cars, trucks and racing. We get to do a lot of things together because of it.

SEMA: Where can you be found on a Saturday?

DL: I can be found at the racetrack or at a car/truck show usually alongside family and friends.

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