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SEMA Virtual Education Expands On-Demand Library With Newly Added Sessions

By Ashley Reyes

Virtual EducationAvailable when you need them, where you need them—SEMA’s On-Demand Virtual Education library includes dozens of recorded sessions that SEMA members can access anytime, anywhere.  

Below are newly added and popular recordings that are available. For a complete list of sessions and registration information for upcoming webinars, visit

ARMO Builder Series

Episode Two: Interview with Steve Cook, Steve Cook Creations

In this video, Steve Cook, owner of founder of the automotive restoration shop Steve Cook Creations, sits down with Sabra Johnson of City Classic Cars to share the story of his company's legacy. Viewers will get to know Cook's insight on all things restoration, combining engineering with creativity, the importance of having the right team, and where the future of the industry is headed. Watch on-demand.

Episode Three: Heroes in the Shadows
Mentorship plays a huge role in the lives of many automotive aftermarket professionals. In fact, many -- if not all -- successful industry leaders will attest to having benefitted from some form of mentorship in their career along the way. This video features a passionate automotive student and his former high-school top shop teacher in a candid and inspirational story. Watch on-demand.

Industry Talks Track

YEN Live Chat with Bruce Piefke

Founder of High Octane Events Bruce Piefke shares his experience planning and organizing car shows—and turning them into recognized brands during this Facebook live chat recording. As owner of Caffeine and Octane, Piefke discusses the opportunities that building a car show creates, and the challenges of turning events into successful businesses. Watch on-demand.

ETTN Live Chat with Andrew Johnson

In this Facebook live chat recording, head of product at AutoAnything Andrew Johnson discusses useful business hacks and online tools, startup fundraising, and where he sees the future of small businesses and technology headed in the next 1 – 5 years. Watch on-demand.

Pricing Policies Series

Pricing Policies 101: The Truth About Pricing Policies

Learn the basics of pricing policies and why it’s important to consider one to avoid price erosion in the marketplace. In this on-demand webinar, Rich Barsamian of Advanced Clutch Technology shares what he has learned from more than 10 years of experience, writing, implementing and executing pricing policies in the automotive aftermarket. Watch on-demand.

Sharpen Your Soft Skills Series, Powered by SBN

Effectively Managing Conflict

When confronted with a challenge from a direct report, colleague or manager, knowing how to effectively handle the situation can save one from unnecessary work disruptions, decreased productivity, project failure and even termination. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn methods for how to handle challenging situations, whether it be manager to employee, employee to employee, manager to manager, or manager to supervisor. Watch on-demand.

Team Management Series, Powered by SBN

How to Keep Productivity at a Maximum

Learn how to identify priorities and increase your overall effectiveness in the workplace, from planning to implementation by watching this on-demand webinar. Viewers will learn tips and habits to increase productivity throughout the day, how to identify and avoid obstacles that impede productivity, and goal-setting methods for effectively managing time. Watch on-demand.