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ARMO Builder Series: A Story of Heroes in the Shadows

By Ashley Reyes

Mentorship plays a huge role in the lives of many automotive aftermarket professionals. In fact, many—if not all—successful industry leaders will attest to having benefitted from some form of mentorship in their career along the way.

A new SEMA Virtual Education video features passionate automotive student James Delahanty and his former high-school top teacher Morris Hafford in a candid and inspirational story. The video is the third episode of the ARMO Builder Series that brings viewers stories from some of the industry’s most passionate and creative builders.

Get to know the role Hafford played in helping Delahanty meet City Classic Cars owner Sabra Johnson, and how it enabled Delahanty to further pursue his passion in the automotive aftermarket industry. The video also includes behind-the-scenes footage of Hafford at his high-school class, and he shares his goals as an educator and helps students find their purpose.

Watch the video and stay tuned to SEMA eNews and ARMO social media for Episode Four featuring Dan Short of FantomWorks, debuting on September 2.