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ARMO Builder Series Highlights the Craftmanship of Steve Cook Creations

By Ashley Reyes

At Steve Cook Creations, Steve Cook doesn’t just restyle cars beyond recognition, he finesses them to perfection, pays homage to the past and redefines every vehicle to have a unique look.   

A new video featuring Cook, who is the owner and founder of the well-known hot-rod and auto-restoration customization shop, is now available from SEMA Virtual Education. The video is the second episode of the ARMO Builder Series that brings viewers stories from some of the industry’s most passionate and creative builders.

Hosted by Sabra Johnson of City Classic Cars, the video features Cook at his shop sitting down for a personal, intimate interview on the story of his company’s legacy, his passion for combining engineering with creativity, the importance of having the right team and more.  

Stay tuned to SEMA eNews and ARMO social media for Episode Three “Heroes in the Shadows,” scheduled to debut on August 19.