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Watch Now: On-Demand Education for Aftermarket Professionals

By Ashley Reyes

Virtual EducationAvailable when you need them, where you need them—SEMA’s On-Demand Virtual Education library includes dozens of recorded sessions that SEMA members can access anytime, anywhere.  

Below are newly added and popular recordings that are available. For a complete list of sessions and registration information for upcoming webinars, visit

ADAS Webinar Series

ADAS Technologies: Real-World Systems and Trends (Part One)
Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are now becoming standard on new vehicles. Aftermarket parts manufacturers and installers must adapt to the change and learn how to work with the new technology. In this webinar, industry experts provide a high-level look at current ADAS systems’ function, technology and trends. Watch on-demand.

ADAS Technologies: Making Sense of Simulation, Testing and Calibration (Part Two)
Learn how to test and verify that products perform as designed, without affecting OEM functionality or ADAS systems. In this webinar, experts and leading providers of ADAS simulation, testing and calibration explain the testing process, what it means, how it works and what to expect. Watch on-demand.

ADAS Technologies: How to Navigate Product Development (Part Three)
In the final session of the ADAS Webinar Series, leading aftermarket manufacturers who have successfully developed and launched products for ADAS-equipped vehicles share the steps they took to understand the systems, design compatible parts, and validate the functionality of all OEM features. Watch on-demand.

ARMO Builder Series

Episode One: Bob Smith “The Ferrari King”

Get to know the legendary builder and founder of Coachworks Bob Smith, who is sometimes dubbed “The Ferrari King.” Hosted by Sabra Johnson of City Classic Cars, the video features intimate and candid conversations showcasing Smith’s passion and creativity. The two talk shop and all things restoration, including lessons learned from working in the industry, advice for other restoration builders and more. Watch on-demand.

SEMA Industry Insights Series

2021 SEMA Market Report Webinar
As aftermarket businesses and the economy begin to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses must stay informed about trends that have changed and where the most opportunities can be found for various aftermarket segments. Watch as the SEMA Market Research team presents highlights from the recently released “2021 SEMA Market Report,” including key trends and insights on sales, consumer behavior, industry trends and more. Watch on-demand.

Industry Talks Track

ETTN Live Chat featuring Matt Beenen
2018 SEMA Launch Pad winner Matt Beenen has led BuiltRight Industries to developing and launching more than 80 unique aftermarket products in less than five years. In this Facebook live chat recording, Beenen discusses how the recent affordability of rapid prototyping and 3-D tools have leveled the playing field for small businesses, and how using 3-D scanning, 3-D printing and AR/VR can shorten iterative design cycles and encourage innovation. Watch on-demand.  

ETTN Live Chat featuring David Goch
The automotive aftermarket is impacted by countless political and environmental policies. In this Facebook live chat recording, SEMA General Counsel David Goch shares information that will help manufacturers understand current emissions testing and policies, where the future is headed, and how aftermarket companies can adapt their products to be compliant. Watch on-demand.

SBN Live Chat featuring Shannon Welch
Stop worrying if you are good enough or smart enough, and focus instead on being valuable. During this Facebook live chat recording, Shannon Welch, former communications director at ULTRA4 Racing and founder of “Hey Shannon Quick Question,” shares lessons learned from her entrepreneurial journey that will help others gain the confidence they need to create value that will ultimately attract success. Watch on-demand.

YEN Live Chat featuring Jim Liaw
When co-founder of Formula DRIFT Jim Liaw introduced drifting to the United States in 2003, the sport was mostly unknown. In this Facebook live chat recording, Liaw shares how the premier United States drifting series came to be, what other motorsports events he’s helped organize and why he supports the RPM Act. Watch on-demand