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ETTN Member Insight: How Brian Canlas' Pro Treads App Enhances the Wheel and Tire Shopping Experience

By Ashley Reyes

ETTNBrian Canlas is the latest SEMA Emerging Trends & Technology Network (ETTN) member to share his insight on how his company pivoted during the pandemic and utilized technology to keep business moving forward.

Canlas is the CEO of Pro Treads, a mobile app that uses augmented reality to display wheel and tire products on cars for a unique online shopping experience.

SEMA: How has your company pivoted during the pandemic?  

Brian Canlas: We have not pivoted. If anything, the pandemic has solidified the usefulness of our products.

SEMA: What technology tools, new or old, have you leaned on recently?

BC: We lean on augmented reality.

SEMA: What new trends have you noticed with sales and marketing?

BC: Mobile e-commerce is picking up because people are shopping more and more on their phones.

SEMA: What, if any, changes in business do you feel will outlive the pandemic?

BC: Remote working and group work software, such as an online whiteboard.

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