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ETTN Member Insight: Eric Morley of Blue C Advertising Shares Marketing Trends Sparked by the Pandemic

By Ashley Reyes

ETTNEric Morley, president of Blue C Advertising, is the latest SEMA Emerging Trends & Technology Network (ETTN) member to share his insight on how his company has pivoted during the pandemic and utilized technology to keep his business moving forward.

In his Q&A with SEMA, Holmes shares his key to success and what new marketing trends he has noticed throughout the past year.

SEMA: How has your company pivoted during the pandemic?  

Eric Morley: For more than 20 years, we have built brands and provided marketing communications and proving grounds for brands in the OEM, automotive aftermarket, powersports and motorsports industry. Through the pandemic, we have included a strong focus on electric transportation, the components, and the engineering and proving grounds that support these vehicles.

SEMA: What technology tools, new or old, have you leaned on recently?   

EM: Our tools consist of the BrandPWR platform, which has six systems including 1) BrandPWR Clarify (brand strategy), 2) BrandPWR Amplify Marketing Road map for success, 3) BrandPWR Infuse (creative campaign development), 4) BrandPWR Integrate (digital marketing), 5) BrandPWR Engage—social media and content marketing, and 6) BrandPwr Proof—proving that the brand/product and service exceeds expectations and communicating this to the world through strategic content and partnerships.

SEMA: What new trends have you noticed with sales and marketing?

EM: Trend 1: Brands need to pivot, focus on who their customer is and know that customer better than their competition. Trend 2: Brands need to be relevant for the “next new normal” that we are in now. Trend 3: Brands need a marketing road map to achieve their goals.

Every year, Blue C creates a free document that provides insights to the marketing outlook for the year. Here is our 2021 marketing outlook.

SEMA: What, if any, changes in business do you feel will outlive the pandemic?

EM: It’s okay to refresh your brand and make it relative to the market of today. Understand it is the story that your brand has that connects with current buyers and future prospective buyers. Planning and creating a road map is the key to success.

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