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SEMA Virtual Education: New Sessions Added to June Calendar

By Ashley Reyes

Virtual EducationMark your calendars for the following upcoming webinars and stay tuned to SEMA eNews as additional sessions are announced throughout the year. For a comprehensive library of upcoming and on-demand sessions that members can access anytime, visit

Tuesday, May 25—Securing Education and Skills Training for Current and Future Positions

Series: Soften Your Soft Skills Series, Powered by the SBN

Track: Industry Segments, Powered by SEMA Councils and Networks

Securing education and skills training is imperative to ensure one’s success, relevancy and advancement in their job or future career. During this webinar geared toward entry- to mid-level professionals, attendees will learn how to identify the training and education opportunities that best suits their needs, and how to request skills training from an employer to earn proper wages and secure advancements.

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NEWLY ADDED: Wednesday, June 2—Facebook Live Chat featuring Alex Parker, Redline Detection  

Track: Industry Talks

As CMO and executive vice president of Redline Detection, Alex Parker utilizes her professional background in psychology, digital marketing, and publishing to generate great brand buzz around her company with authenticity and transparency. Tune in to this live chat as she shares tips for getting brands noticed and answers questions live.

Location: SBN Facebook page

NEWLY ADDED: Thursday, June 10—State of the Industry: Where are we now?

Series: SEMA Industry Insight Series

Track: Trends and Research

During this live webinar, SEMA members will learn about the current state of the specialty-equipment industry and where the market is headed. Presented by SEMA Market Research, the webinar will feature new stats on specialty-equipment sales, hot and emerging markets, and an outlook and projections for 2021 and beyond.

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NEWLY ADDED: Tuesday, June 15 – ADAS Technologies: Real-World Systems & Trends

Series: ADAS Webinar Series

As part 1 of a new 3-part ADAS webinar series geared toward SEMA members who manufacture and install products for ADAS equipped vehicles, this webinar will feature top industry experts as they provide a high level look at current ADAS systems' function, technology and trends. For members in the business of manufacturing or installing parts that alter a vehicle’s body, suspension, or wheels and tires, this is a must-attend event.

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