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Webinar: Common Causes of Tire Balancing Process Errors and How to Avoid Them

By Ashley Reyes

WTCOne of the most important things for wheel and tire professionals to know about is tire balancing. Unbalanced tires can result in vehicle vibration, uneven tire wear and improper weight distribution.

Join industry experts as they provide a comprehensive overview about tire balancing, including the common causes of balancing process errors, how to avoid them and easy ways to correct the problems. Presented in a live webinar on April 22, at 12:00 p.m. (PDT), the event features Mike Lusso of Hennessy Industries as moderator, joined by Keith Buckley, Good Year; Kent Hobson, Sam’s Club; and Kevin Keefe, Hennessy Industries. They will discuss:

  • The mechanics of balance vs. unbalance.
  • Vibration-inducting factors which can mimic unbalance.
  • Best practices to minimize customer vibration complaints, which can be implemented immediately with little to no expense.

Participants will benefit from attending this event live by asking questions and engaging with the presenters during the event in real time.

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The session is the sixth of the “Wheel and Tire Industry Insights, Powered by WTC” SEMA Virtual Education series. Recordings of all previous sessions are available to view on demand at