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WTC Volunteer Spotlight: How Tyson Boyer of Dill Air Controls Helps Wheel and Tire Aftermarket Companies Succeed

By Ashley Reyes

Tyson BoyerThe SEMA Wheel and Tire Council (WTC) named Tyson Boyer as this week’s WTC spotlight volunteer. Boyer is the director of sales, key accounts at Dill Air Controls and the current chair of the WTC.

As WTC chair, Boyer helps facilitate and execute many of the WTC programs that deliver educational solutions and provide unique networking opportunities to its members. It is through his leadership and working closely with WTC task force volunteers that the council is able to address the educational, technical and communications needs of various companies in the wheel and tire segment of the automotive aftermarket.

SEMA: What led you to obtaining a career in the wheel and tire industry?

Tyson Boyer: My entry into automotive was a temporary one- to two-month plan during a career transition period. With only a 12th-grade education behind me at that time, I struggled to find a role to match where my mind thought I could be. After a couple of months with a Chicagoland Auto/Tire Retailer (Cassidy), my commitment and desire to succeed was recognized, then rewarded with further opportunities. The Cassidy family also provided flexibility that helped me attend night classes, which I am very thankful for. It allowed me to obtain an MBA while applying my learnings on both sides. As a few years went on and my network started developing, the pieces continued to fit correctly for me and my family.

SEMA: How has being a WTC volunteer or member impacted your professional career?

TB: Volunteering with SEMA and the WTC continues to impact me personally, as well as professionally. Sometimes we forget about the personal wins, like meeting outstanding industry experts with brilliant personalities that you may have never encountered. They want to share experiences, milestones, family events and war stories that highlight reality in our fast-paced world.

Professionally, volunteering continues to provide paths for education, experiences and exploration within the wheel/tire segment. Learning or hearing about new content on topical areas that I felt I was well versed in is a reminder to not assume, rather keep rising and swim forward for more. Most importantly, the networking and relationships are a new level of energy that reinforces the value of volunteering and humbling balance it can provide in life and in my career.

SEMA: What advice do you have for someone pursuing a career in the wheel and tire segment?

TB: Meet new people at all levels when possible, grow your career network and embrace the many relationships onward. Always ask when a question is on your mind, become involved in a volunteer association when the time is right, and listen to those not just in your circle but in the outer/unknown circle, too.
Remember, you make the choices. So if you have a dream or passion, pursue it because you can.

And feel free to reach out to any select committee member on the WTC. We want you to stake your career marker in this awesome segment!

SEMA: Where can we find you on a Saturday?

TB: You can find me with my family hanging out, playing games, kicking the soccer ball, hiking/camping, or just chilling; pondering the many wonders of life while enjoying as much time with them as possible.  

Of course, if you ask them, I frequently build things for hours on end.

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