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PRO Member Spotlight: Jared Cohen Shares Importance of Always Doing Right by Others

By Ashley Reyes

Jared Cohen

Jared Cohen, SEMA Professional Restylers Organization (PRO) Select Committee Member and 2018 PRO Restyler of the Year, has been named as the council’s latest Volunteer Spotlight member. Cohen is the CEO of Action Auto Group, a leading company in aftermarket accessory installations that services the needs of dealerships in the Northeast region of the U.S. Get to know what advice he has about always doing right by others, and what keeps him passionate about the industry in his Q&A with SEMA and PRO.

SEMA: What inspired you to pursue a career in restyling/manufacturing?

Jared Cohen: As a family business in which my father suddenly passed away, I was inspired to continue his legacy at the time rather than any thrill to jump into the restyling business. Today, safety technology and helping reduce crashes is what inspires me.

SEMA: Why did you decide to volunteer for PRO? How has it or will it impact you?

JC: Having peers on the committee allowed me to better understand the initiative. The ability to have a voice in our industry through PRO has been great. I hope PRO will continue to allow me to meet great people in the industry with a common goal for progress.

SEMA: What advice do you have for someone pursuing a career in the automotive aftermarket?

JC: Work hard, show up every day on time and always do the right things and you will grow. I believe these are simple traits anyone can possess in any field, not simply the automotive aftermarket

SEMA: What is your dream vehicle? Where would we find you in it on any weekend?

JC: My dream vehicle would be a Ferrari, but I must admit, I would need to learn to drive a stick first.   You will find me in any new restaurant and or rooftop lounge hanging with friends and family.

SEMA: What is the best advice you have ever received?  

JC: Always be able to put your head on your pillow at night. This means that no matter if anyone would know it or not, always do right by others as integrity is most important.

SEMA: What keeps you in the industry?

JC: The future of what’s to come with smart cities and autonomous vehicle opportunities.

SEMA: Where can we find you on a Saturday?

JC: Working and then a little play in the evening.