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HRIA Member Spotlight: Boneyard Builds

By Ashley Reyes

Boneyard Builds

Boneyard Builds has been named as this week’s SEMA Hot Rod Industry Alliance (HRIA) council spotlight member. In HRIA’s Q&A with company owner Chad Whitlock, Whitlock answers questions about the company’s current and upcoming vehicle projects, their 2019 SEMA Show build (’70 Chevrolet C-10) and shares advice for aspiring professionals in the automotive aftermarket.

SEMA: Tell us the story of your shop. How did you start?

Chad Whitlock: We started in 2016. It was our passion, our hobby. The first year, we started out doing quick flips and quickly learned we needed to do more to generate income. We started with two frame-off restorations and made a name for ourselves in the Birmingham area. SEMA was a huge help with incredible national exposure.  

SEMA: What was your breakthrough moment?

CW: SEMA and the contacts we made helped us tremendously.   

SEMA: Tell us about your feature build Chevy C-10.

Boneyard Builds
Boneyard Builds shop interior.

CW: Brody Stone came into the shop and said he wanted his C-10 to have diesel power and be a track truck. We worked with him all through the process and the project grew under the “might as well” principle.   

SEMA: What’s in your shop this year?

CW: A ’33 Roadster, ’70 Mustang (traditional), ’74 F100 (Coyote swap), ’67 Nova rotisserie restoration, ’68 big block C-10 and a ’72 protouring cutlass. We are busy!

SEMA: What new and exciting projects do you foresee in the future?  

CW: A ’69 Mach. It will be done in 2021.

SEMA: What advice do you have for young folks contemplating a career in the automotive aftermarket?  

CW: Know your worth and don’t discount it. Throw a broad net and spend the money to go to the big shows. Never sell yourself short. Use quality parts because inferior parts will always reflect you and your work, and always do the right thing. If the customer isn’t willing to pay for it, you need different customers.