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Proper Practices for Wheel and Tire Balance From Hennessy Industries’ Stewart Peregrine


By Ashley Reyes

Stewart Peregrine of Hennessy Industries shared proper practices for wheel and tire balance during a recently released video from the 2019 SEMA Show STAGE. Peregrine is the regional sales manager at Hennessy Industries—a wheel service manufacturer and the parent company of Coats tire service equipment, the AAMCO brake lathe and BADA wheel weight.  

During his informative interview with Myles Kovacs, Peregrine answers questions on vehicle vibration, defines residual imbalance, and explains the difference between OE and aftermarket tire balancers.

“What the OE manufacturers are using is a piece of equipment on an assembly line, and it’s all about how fast they can get it done,” said Peregrine. “When you look at a shop in the aftermarket, it’s a small piece of equipment; it’s not a big piece of equipment—something that has to be able to fit within the confinements of a guy’s shop. That’s the main difference. When it comes to accuracy and all that, we are as accurate as anything the OE puts out. It just looks different.”

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