Mission Statement


The Wheel and Tire Council's mission is to identify common problems and opportunities relating to the custom - performance wheel and tire industry, which the council, as an interested body of companies, can address for the common good. More...

WTC Wheel Care Guide

The WTC Wheel Care Guide is a resource for WTC members to use as an internal staff training piece or as a counter topper resource to provide to customers. The guide provides proper wheel care tips and FAQ’s as well as explains the common wheel surface finishes and the appropriate type of cleaning solution for each. Download the WTC Wheel Care Guide and begin using it as a resource for your staff, distributors, retailers and customers.


WTC Ride Guide


The “Ride Guide” is a valuable resource to ANYONE who sells wheels and tires. From manufactures to distributors, to e-tailers and brick and mortar installation shops, the “Ride Guide” will help you make confident, data-driven recommendations to your customers.


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WTC Wheel Measurement Database


The WTC understands that travel requirements and scheduling conflicts can restrict member access to these measuring opportunities. To answer that challenge and provide a concrete benefit to WTC manufacturer members, the council provides free wheel measurement data on new vehicles accessible through regular SEMA Garage measuring sessions.


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WTC Events

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