Global Update

Want More Customers? Attend the SEMA China Business Development Program

By Linda Spencer

SEMA-member Injen Technology has participated in a number of SEMA overseas busi­ness programs, including multiple trips to China. Represented this time by President Ron Delgado (far right) and Business Development Manager Jay Crouch (second from right), the firm manufactures performance air-intake systems and exhaust systems for cars and trucks in its California facility. “The performance aftermarket in China continues to surge every year, and with the help of SEMA’s annual Business Development Program, Injen Technology continues to be on the fast-track for growth in the Asian marketplace. The Chinese enthu­siasts love American brands, and they continue to welcome our industry with open arms and are eager to modify their vehicles with American-made products,” commented Crouch. Injen has already signed up for the 2017 SEMA China trip.

Participate in the SEMA China Business Development Program, September 6–10, 2017, in Shanghai, where attendees will have the opportunity to explore their product sales potential in a market with 1.3 billion consumers. China—the world’s largest vehicle market—has a rising middle class, a strong and growing demand for light trucks and a love for American products. Note: Free booth graphics, courtesy of Freeman, for the next 10 exhibitors.

During the subsidized trip, SEMA China Business Development Program participants will exhibit at the China Auto Salon (CAS), visit retailers, take part in networking events and learn about the specialty-equipment market at an exclusive briefing with U.S. government officials and top Chinese buyers.

Program fees include hotels, meals, a reception, exhibition space, a turnkey booth, an interpreter and local transportation. Register now for the SEMA China Business Development Program, or contact Linda Spencer for more information.

Five Chinese market facts:

  • China is already the world’s largest passenger-vehicle market.
  • American vehicles are popular in China. The new global Mustang is a big hit, and fullsize pickups and Jeeps are in demand. The Ford Raptor is now officially sold in China with the first performance F-150s, built in Grand Rapids, Michigan, departing for China this past February.
  • A rapidly growing Chinese middle class, now estimated at up to 300 million people, is expected to fuel a strong future demand for cars and specialty equipment.
  • Chinese consumers are increasingly seeking out foreign products. They associate U.S. and other Western luxury brands with quality. With growing incomes, these consumers have the ability to purchase sought-after brands.
  • SUVs and other light trucks are the market leaders in Chinese passenger vehicle sales, with vehicles in this segment growing more rapidly than the rest of the market.