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Weld Racing Hosts SEMA Annual Membership, Town Hall Meeting

By AJ Carney

During last week's Town Hall Meeting at Weld Racing LLC in Kansas City, SEMA Chairman Nate Shelton provided examples of how to become more involved in your industry by joining SEMA networks.

Last week's SEMA Town Hall Meeting at Weld Racing in Kansas City, Missouri, was a huge success. More than 115 members and non-members in attendance had the opportunity to discuss hot topics with SEMA’s panel of industry leaders. Main topics covered included an overview of SEMA's councils and networks and how to recruit talented professionals in the industry.

The gathering marked the first time the SEMA Annual Membership Meeting was held in conjunction with the Town Hall series. During the meeting, SEMA Chairman Nate Shelton and the other panelists— including Kyle Fickler of Weld Racing and Steve Matusek of Aeromotive Inc.—gave valuable examples of how to become more involved in specific markets by joining SEMA networks. The free SEMA networks—Young Executives Network (YEN), SEMA Businesswomen's Network (SBN) and the Emerging Trends and Technology Network (ETTN)—are great outlets for young professionals to get more involved.

The panel also discussed the importance of recruiting talent with a passion for the industry, and then taking the time to teach them about your products and services. “Passion first, technical aptitude second,” Fickler stressed.

SEMA extends a special thanks to the great folks at Weld Racing for hosting the event. Other thanks to the panelists for their assistance with this first-ever Annual Membership and Town Hall meeting in Kansas City.