Global Update

One Week Left to Sign Up for SEMA China Conference


The SEMA delegation outside the Great Hall of the People in September 2010. This year’s participants will also have dinner with key automotive executives and government officials at the Chinese equivalent of the U.S. Capitol building.

The August 19 deadline to sign up for the 2011 SEMA China International Auto Parts Expo (CIAPE) China Business Development Conference, September 7–10, 2011, in Beijing, is just one week away. Devote three days to learning about the growing specialty-equipment market in the world’s most populous country.

Join a group of SEMA-member manufacturers heading to China to spend a day with Chinese distributors and retailers from 20 cities throughout China. Trip participants will also have dinner at the Great Hall of the People (similar in function to the U.S. Capitol building), VIP access to a large automotive parts trade show (CIAPE), spend time with top automotive press and receive a briefing with U.S. government officials.

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